67 Minecraft Faction Names

Minecraft toys posed in the dirt

Minecraft is a massively popular game and is even a required part of the curriculum in at least one school![1]

The game’s achievements are all the more impressive when you know that its designer, Markus Persson, created the original version in just six days.[2]

Within the game, factions allow the opportunity to claim land, build alliances, and declare wars against enemies.[3]

Minecraft faction names typically showcase the game’s battle theme, representing your faction’s strength and fighting spirit.

Your name can be as specific to your own personalities and interests as you’d like; our list has general Minecraft faction names that might work for any team.

If you want to create your own, we also offer some tips below the list.

  1. Vengeful
  2. Elite
  3. Rebellion
  4. Diminish
  5. Bedlam
  6. Frenzy
  7. Commotion
  8. Havoc
  9. Turmoil
  10. Upheaval
  11. Madness
  12. Abandoned
  13. Astray
  14. Adrift
  15. Decline
  16. Extinct
  17. Vanished
  18. Forgotten
  19. Darkness
  20. Evanesce
  21. Limbo
  22. Nobility
  23. Gentry
  24. Mayhem
  25. Legends
  26. Heroic
  27. Panic
  28. Void
  29. Phobia
  30. Trolls
  31. Gnomes
  32. Agony
  33. Goblins
  34. Coalition
  35. Guild
  36. Alliance
  37. Fallen
  38. Trappers
  39. Predators
  40. Huntsmen
  41. Stalkers
  42. Hermits
  43. Angst
  44. Raiders
  45. Outlaws
  46. Hijackers
  47. Gangsters
  48. Banished
  49. Reclusive
  50. Loners
  51. Calamity
  52. Escape
  53. Casualties
  54. Exodus
  55. Mirage
  56. Apparition
  57. Deception
  58. Illusion
  59. Anarchy
  60. Mutiny
  61. Lawless
  62. Shambles
  63. Madhouse
  64. Perception
  65. Shadows
  66. Mythical
  67. Villains

How to Create a Great Minecraft Faction Name

Minecraft faction names are typically made up of one interesting or cool word, which can make it hard to pin down the perfect choice for your team, but it also gives you an extensive range of options!

Choose the perfect Minecraft faction name using the following tips:

  • Keep your name under 10 characters. Minecraft names are only allowed to be up to 10 letters, numbers, or a combination of both. If you like a name longer than 10 characters, look for a shorter synonym or use a trick like removing the vowels.
  • Use appropriate language. Any inappropriate and/or derogatory language may cause your Minecraft faction name to be removed. If you have any doubt as to whether your faction name will be accepted, it’s best to choose a different name.
  • Brainstorm similar words. If there’s a word you like but aren’t 100% sure about, look for words with the same or similar meanings. Looking up synonyms is a great way to find a unique faction name, as sometimes they are less common. You could even use a word that means the same thing in a different language — for example, “Calamidad” (Spanish) rather than “Calamity” (English).