83 K-Pop Group Names for Boy, Girl, & Coed Groups

K-pop — short for Korean pop — is a genre of music taking the world by storm. With groups like BTS and Blackpink topping worldwide charts and breaking YouTube records, you might be inspired to make your own group… or just write a story about one! Below, we have K-pop group name ideas for boy groups, girl groups, and coed groups. Scroll past the list for tips on creating your own K-pop group name!

Coed Groups

The following group names would be appropriate for groups with both male and female members, or groups that don’t want an obviously gendered name:

  1. Hallyu Dreams: “Hallyu” refers to the growth/popularity of Korean culture
  2. Retrograde
  3. KWL: Korean Wave League
  4. Aces
  5. Standard Variance
  6. Nth Level
  7. Haeng-Syo: peace out
  8. KCC: Korean Culture Crew
  9. Soul2Seoul
  10. Um-Yang: Korean term for Yin-Yang
  11. Superstitious
  12. 9ine[1]
  13. Destiny[2]
  14. Double Happiness
  15. Unit 99: 99 is a lucky number in numerology
  16. Go-Stop!
  17. Lucky 13
  18. Hwaiting: support/encouragement
  19. Friendship Squad
  20. Youth Fountain[2]
  21. Aegyo Society: cuteness
  22. Dance Theory
  23. K. Thx.[1]
  24. In The Zone
  25. Never Random

Girl Groups

The following group names are best for girl groups of many concepts:

  1. Metamorphosis
  2. Pastel Milieu: pastel environment
  3. Beh Peuh Brigade: BFFs
  4. Neon Hearts
  5. Ladybug[2]
  6. Prism
  7. Style Collage
  8. RO5EY: pronounced “rosie”; for a group with five members[3]
  9. Pink Berets
  10. Daebak Girls: Awesome!
  11. Krush[3]
  12. Secret Number
  13. Sequin Squad
  14. Girls Evolution[3]
  15. Rebel Girls
  16. Shimmer
  17. Cherish
  18. Yellow Bloom[3]
  19. Shades of Pink
  20. Sugarr
  21. Midnight[3]
  22. Kiki
  23. Vogue Approach
  24. DNG: Dynamic New Girls[3]
  25. Catwalk Style
  26. Vixenne[3]
  27. Crop Top Collective
  28. Aurora[3]
  29. Girls Next Door
  30. Sister Status

Boy Groups

Whether your boy group will have four members or 15, find a cool name in our list below:

  1. 1-UP
  2. Namu Jjang: too cool
  3. Killing Part: best
  4. HHU: Hip Hop Underground
  5. TBB: Throwback Boys
  6. Seems Legit
  7. A-Gamers
  8. NDS: Natural Defiance System
  9. Late Notice
  10. Timeline
  11. Supersonic[4]
  12. Rage Mania
  13. Axis
  14. 6-Con[4]
  15. Level 10,000
  16. X-Change[2]
  17. OTE: On The Edge
  18. No Limits
  19. Equilibrium[5]
  20. One Union[4]
  21. Code Name Z
  22. Chain Reaction[2]
  23. Cosmic Blue
  24. REF: Red-Eye Flight
  25. Escaping Velocity
  26. 300[4]
  27. Shock Waves
  28. Reaction Mode

How to Create a K-Pop Group Name

K-pop group names can seem very quirky and unique, but there are often real logic and meaning behind them! For example, Seventeen stands for the 13 members, who make up three units and one team — 13 + 3 + 1 = 17. The girl group Twice got its name because its goal is to touch people’s hearts twice (through their ears and their eyes).

K-pop groups have powerful marketing teams behind them, but you don’t need help from the professionals to find the perfect name for your group. You also don’t necessarily need a deeper meaning behind your name — you can choose anything that sounds good to you! However, brainstorming different meanings can help you come up with the perfect name more easily.

You can make your name as obvious or cryptic as you want, but keep the following tips in mind while creating it:

  • Use acronyms. Acronyms are very common in K-pop group names; if there’s a phrase that you like, just take the first letter of each word to create your group name. You can even choose an acronym with multiple meanings to give your group a sense of mystery and depth.
  • Use English words. Most popular K-pop groups have names that either include English or translate well into English, such as Stray Kids, Twice, Red Velvet, and Dreamcatcher. You can name your group after random objects, foods, mythical creatures — anything you like. Make the name more unique by slightly altering the spelling of the word, combining words, or putting some numbers in place of letters.
  • Choose your concept. As you’re probably already aware if you’re a K-pop fan, groups tend to follow particular “concepts,” such as retro, futuristic, or supernatural. Though some groups do change concepts over time while keeping the same name, the group’s songs, music videos, and public image usually stick closely to the concept. Decide on a cool concept with your group and choose a name that reflects the concept you want to portray.
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