61 Friend Group Names

Friends with their hands together

The average person makes over 300 friends throughout their lifetime, but only one out of 12 friendships stands the test of time.[1]

Close friendships that stick with you can reduce your stress, make you more empathetic, make you more productive, and even lengthen your life![2]

If you have a close-knit group of lifelong friends, you can consider yourself very lucky.

Friend group names can be catchy, fun, cool, or cute. Our list features a variety of friend group names that may be perfect for your friend gang, WhatsApp group, or group chat.

If you want to create a friend group name as unique as your pals, we also share some brainstorming tips below the list!

  1. Besties Bunch
  2. Confidantes
  3. Alter Ego
  4. Comrades
  5. Sidekicks
  6. Pal Posse
  7. The Shadows
  8. Sister Set
  9. Brothers Inc.
  10. The Amigos
  11. Chums
  12. Reliant
  13. F*R*I*E*N*D*S
  14. Count on Us
  15. A Little Help
  16. By Your Side
  17. Timeless
  18. Hilarious Heroes
  19. Goofy Guild
  20. The Kind Krew
  21. Shelter
  22. Unity
  23. Affinity
  24. Rogue Rapport
  25. Like-Minded Legion
  26. Connection
  27. Mutual Bonds
  28. Attached
  29. Kinship Corner
  30. Equivalence
  31. In Harmony
  32. We Clique!
  33. Our Gang
  34. Harmonious
  35. Ally Alliance
  36. Counterparts
  37. Twinzies
  38. Legendary
  39. Side by Side
  40. Pen Pals
  41. The Best
  42. Chosen
  43. Pinky Promises
  44. There for You
  45. Heartfelt
  46. Friendship Defined
  47. Sentimental
  48. Nostalgic
  49. Daydreamers
  50. Mutual
  51. In the Loop
  52. Linked
  53. Cohesion
  54. Solidarity
  55. Give & Take
  56. Interchangeable
  57. Priceless
  58. Gift of Gab
  59. The Cohorts
  60. Crony Crew
  61. Support Status

How to Create a Cool Friend Group Name

Your friend group name should reflect the personality, closeness, and sense of humor of you and your best pals.

Create a cool friend group name using the following tips:

  • Get inspiration from your favorite movies and TV shows. If your group has a favorite movie or TV show — especially one that features a group of friends — use it as an inspiration for your group name. You can use each of the character names and create an acronym with them, make up a team name that references the characters as a group, or make a play on the title of the series/movie. Adapt the obvious and get creative!
  • Use a common interest that your group shares. Perhaps everyone in the group loves the color pink, has a shared hobby, or loves lasagna. Use an interest that your group shares in common to create a unique friend group name. To make it easy, take one word related to the group’s common interest and combine it with a descriptive or identifying word — for example, Lasanga Legends. Be as silly or serious as you wish!
  • Turn a favorite short phrase into a team name. A word or phrase that’s meaningful or important to your group can make a great team name. Any word or phrase that your group uses repeatedly will do, from inside jokes to inspiring mottos. If the phrase seems too common for your spectacular group, put a unique spin on it by swapping out words or creating a pun.