53 “Grey’s Anatomy” Trivia Team Names

“Grey’s Anatomy” is an iconic TV series. On air since 2005,[1] the show has aired more than 15 seasons and over 300 episodes![2]

Fans have stuck with Meredith Grey and her coworkers through a lot of drama, from break-ups to botched surgeries to tragic accidents and the deaths of major characters. Though much of the drama comes from the minds of the writers, did you know that Grey’s Anatomy also has storylines based on unusual, true-life cases found in medical journals?[3]

“Grey’s Anatomy” trivia names can take inspiration from characters, episode titles, those unique medical plotlines — anything you love about the show! Find the perfect option on our list below, or check out our tips to create your own.

  1. The McDreamy Division
  2. Choose Us!
  3. Bailey’s Fav Interns
  4. Team McSteamy
  5. Seattle Grace Legion
  6. Meredith’s People
  7. Vajayjay Nation
  8. Mercy West Matrix
  9. Yang’s Sisterhood
  10. Karev’s Krew
  11. George’s Army
  12. LEXIEpedia
  13. Dancing It Out
  14. Dark & Twisty
  15. Greysoholics
  16. Webber’s Wonders
  17. The Surgical Innovators
  18. 10-Blade Brigade
  19. The V-fib Force
  20. Whipple Warriors
  21. Izzie’s Alliance
  22. The OG Interns
  23. Pick Us. Choose Us. Love Us
  24. The Life Savers
  25. The Beach Bunch
  26. Scars & Souvenirs
  27. The On-Call Patrol
  28. Shiny Happy People
  29. Go Big or Go Home
  30. Danger Zone
  31. Beautiful Dreamers
  32. Grey-Sloan Society
  33. Hunt’s Heroes
  34. Cardiac Coalition
  35. Joe’s Bartenders
  36. Emerald City Circle
  37. Hello Kitty Bandaids
  38. Bringing the Thunder
  39. Catherine Fox Award Winners
  40. Medical Mentors
  41. The 007 League
  42. The Cereal Tossers
  43. Tequila!
  44. House of Candles
  45. Now or Never
  46. Jump Start Hearts
  47. Duquette’s Derelicts
  48. Let’s Have Some Fun!
  49. On the Carousel
  50. Just Girls in a Bar
  51. Somebody Sedate Us!
  52. The Starting Lineup
  53. Flawed Humans

How to Create a Great “Grey’s Anatomy” Trivia Team Name

Create a perfect “Grey’s Anatomy” trivia team name using the following tips:

  • Use your favorite character. Your favorite character is a good place to start when creating a name. Use the first or last name, then add a descriptive word or short phrase to it.
  • Create a trivia team name based on a place, quote, or event. If your favorite episode includes a memorable place, quote, or event with great team name potential, create a team name using it. Make it unique by adding your own descriptive word or short phrase.
  • Medical terms are always popular. Use medical terms that you hear on the show, or come up with your own term or nickname. It can be as basic or intricate as you like. Get creative!
  • Choose a single word. Think of a word that sums up what “Grey’s Anatomy” means to you and your team. You can also choose a word based on a character or storyline. Trivia team names don’t always have to include a character name or place. Any word that you deem significant will work great!