77 “Friends” Trivia Team Names

Central Perk, the cafe from the TV series Friends

“Friends” is one of the most iconic shows to ever air on TV and is loved worldwide, even decades after its original release.

A great “Friends” team name for trivia night will motivate your team with humor and fond memories of your favorite ’90s TV series!

Did you know that alternate titles for the show before it aired included “Insomnia Cafe,” “Friends Like Us,” and “Six of One?”[1] Or that Courteney Cox shares her character Monica’s tidiness?[2]

Along with a great team name, flexing your expertise with facts like these at your next trivia night is sure to bring your team victory!

Our list features more than 70 team name options inspired by the show’s iconic quotes, characters, and scenes.

If you’d like to create your own “Friends”-inspired trivia team name, we also offer some tips below the list!

  1. Could We Be Wearing Any More Clothes?
  2. The One Where We Win Trivia
  3. The Smelly Cats[3]
  4. Janice’s Laugh
  5. We’re on a Break
  6. UNGs
  7. PIVOT!
  8. The Central Perk Coffee Mugs
  9. Drake Ramoray’s Patients
  10. The Purple Doors
  11. Moving to Yemen
  12. We Don’t Share Food!
  13. We KNOW!
  14. Dr. Drake and the Ramorays[3]
  15. The Lobsters
  16. We’ll Be There For You
  17. The Nubbins[4]
  18. Ross’s Wedding Guests
  19. Phoebes and Pheebos
  20. Joey Triviani[3]
  21. Monica’s Cleaning Crew
  22. Central Perk Peeps
  23. The Ones With Unagi
  24. Green’s Guild
  25. Way, No Way[3]
  26. The Buffay Brigade
  27. Bing’s Battalion
  28. Caterers for Hire
  29. Paleontologist Posse
  30. Joey’s Meat Sweats
  31. The Moo Points
  32. Emma’s Mannies
  33. The Holiday Armadillos[3]
  34. Ultimate Fighting Champions
  35. Bing’s Besties
  36. Orange Sofa Squad
  37. Ramoray’s Rebels
  38. Gunther’s Group
  39. The London League
  40. The Left Phalanges
  41. Ursula’s Sisterhood
  42. Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.
  43. Chandler’s Thanksgiving Toes
  44. Barbados Hair Crew
  45. Yellow Frame Friends
  46. Hand Twins Troupe
  47. Ugly Dog Statues
  48. The Pink Bike Band
  49. Fountain Fellowship
  50. Ross’s Prehistoric History Guild
  51. NYU Nation
  52. We’ve Been Bamboozled
  53. Tribbiani’s Trifle Tribe
  54. Rachel’s Assistants
  55. The Blackout Bunch
  56. The Pivot Patrol
  57. Ross’s Rugby Club
  58. Chandler’s Sarcasm Society
  59. Joey’s Jellyfish
  60. Ross’s Thanksgiving Sandwiches
  61. The Thanksgiving Flashbacks
  62. Miss Chanandler Bong’s Allstars
  63. How You Doin?
  64. We’re Rubber You’re Glue!
  65. Our Eyes! Our Eyes!
  66. We’re Doctors Not Mathematicians
  67. Phoebe’s Scientist Guys
  68. Thanksgiving Pants Alliance
  69. We Run Like Phoebe
  70. The Evil Orthodontists
  71. Hugsy’s Herd
  72. A Chick and a Duck
  73. Marcel’s Matrix
  74. Princess Consuela’s Kin
  75. Banana Hammock People
  76. Chandler’s Pink Bunnies
  77. Gellar Cup United

How to Create Cool “Friends” Trivia Team Names

For more options — perhaps something personalized to your team — you can create your own cool “Friends” trivia team name.

Keep the following tips in mind while brainstorming with your team:

  • Think about your favorite episodes. You can create a humorous team name using words that describe what happened in your favorite episodes — an iconic scene, central plot point, or even the episode’s title. Narrow it down to a single word or short phrase, so your team name remains catchy and easy to remember.
  • Use your favorite character as a starting point. Though all of the characters on “Friends” are lovable, everyone has a favorite “Friend.” Maybe you love food as much as Joey or have a sarcastic sense of humor like Chandler. Use your favorite character’s name or personality traits to inspire your team. “Friends” also had many guest stars and memorable side characters through the years — you can consider names beyond the core group of friends.
  • Get inspired by the show’s locations. Think about the places the characters worked, lived, and visited. You can incorporate names like Central Perk (the group’s favorite coffee shop/hangout) or Bloomingdale’s (where Rachel worked) into your team name.