67 “The Office” Trivia Team Names

Cast of "The Office" holding their Emmy Awards

“The Office” is commonly cited as one of the best TV comedies of all time, and for a good reason — not a single episode goes by without belly laughs and some iconic quote or joke!

It was based on a BBC TV series of the same name, but ran seven seasons longer than the British version[1][2] and is often regarded as the better of the two shows.[3]

Though the show ended in 2013,[1] it remains a staple on many of our screens and has given way to events like trivia nights, bar crawls, and fan conventions.[4]

There are even not one, but several “The Office” fan groups on Facebook with over 80,000 members![5]

Whether your own office reminds you of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company or you’re simply a huge fan of the show, we have more than 60 “The Office” trivia team names to choose from below!

Just past the list, we also share our tips for creating your own unique “The Office”-themed team names.

  1. A Little Stitious
  2. Scrantonicity
  3. Dunder Mifflin Derelicts
  4. Regional Shenanigans
  5. Schrute’s Squad
  6. Dwight’s Disciples
  7. How the Turn Tables
  8. Sabre Society
  9. Ryan Started the Fire!
  10. Happy Hour Heroes
  11. Scott Paper Posse
  12. Lackawanna Legacy
  13. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Gallactica.
  14. Conflict Resolution
  15. The Dundie Winners
  16. World’s Best Bosses
  18. The Mediocre Mergers
  19. Beesly’s Battalion
  20. Deedle-Dee Dudes: a reference to Deedle-Dee productions, which made “The Office”
  21. Angela’s Accountants
  22. Temps Like Ryan
  23. Promoted To Sales
  24. The Scranton Temps
  25. Kapoor’s CSRs
  26. The Q.A. Creed
  27. The Soup Snakes
  28. Downsize Denial
  29. It’s Stairmageddon!
  30. Dummies, Morons, and Idiots
  31. Livin’ the Dream
  32. We Feel God in This Chili’s Tonight
  33. On the Work Bus
  34. Diversity Allstars
  35. No More Conflicts
  36. Casino Madness
  37. Secret Keepers
  38. Performance Patrol
  39. Convention Coup
  40. Massive Mergers
  41. Philbin’s League
  42. Negotiation Coalition
  43. Beach Game Bingo
  44. Safety Training Circus
  45. Fun Run Rebels
  46. Business School Dropouts
  47. The Survey Squad
  48. New Boss Blues
  49. Casual Friday Gang
  50. Dream Team Society
  51. Surplus of Stress
  52. The Whistleblowers
  53. Office Gossip Guild
  54. Michael’s Dundies
  55. Acting Manager’s Club
  56. Threat Level Midnight
  57. Nepotism Nation
  58. After Hours Army
  59. The Special Projects
  60. Halpert’s Nice Guys
  61. The Flannery Force
  62. Hudson’s Heroes
  63. Oscar’s Order
  64. Phyllis’ Fellowship
  65. Scranton Society
  66. Poor Performance Inc.
  67. The Faulty Printers

How to Create “The Office”-Inspired Team Names

If you’re an avid watcher of “The Office,” it should be easy to think of quotes and other favorite things about the series to inspire a list full of fun team names.

Keep the following tips in mind to create your own “The Office” team name:

  • Look up episode titles for inspiration. Each episode of “The Office” has a creative title. Browse through the list and find one that would be perfect for your team. You can use part of the title or use it for inspiration and create your own word or phrase that relates to a title.
  • Think of your favorite scenes and quotes. “The Office” is full of memorable lines and scenes. Make a list of those that make you laugh no matter how many times you watch them and use them as inspiration for your team names, as we did with options like “How the Turn Tables” and “We Feel God in This Chili’s Tonight.”
  • Turn your favorite character’s name into an acronym. Take your character’s first name or nickname, and assign a descriptive word to each letter. For example, P.A.M. could be Pam’s Assistant Managers. This is just a simple example — you and your team can be as creative and unique as you wish!
  • Name your team after your favorite character. If your team doesn’t share the same favorite character, take a vote to find the most popular. You can then add a descriptive word to go along with the character’s name (such as Angela’s Accountants). You can also take suggestions from team members for the accompanying word.