53 Brown Team Names

Whether the color brown has been assigned to you, you want a name that matches your uniform, or you just like the color — there are plenty of options for brown team names. Find more than 50 ideas on our list below or scroll past it for tips on creating your own brown team name.

  1. The Brown Bear Brigade
  2. Brown Fall Leaves
  3. The Brown Sawdust Club
  4. The Desert Sands
  5. The How Now Brown Cows
  6. Brown Pine Needles Network
  7. Brown Cardboard Crew
  8. The Cocoa Club
  9. Gingerbread Men
  10. Vintage Brown Teddies
  11. The Walnuts
  12. The Mocha Lattes
  13. In a Brown Out
  14. Brown Boot Cowboys
  15. Khaki Club
  16. The Brown-Eyed Girls
  17. Brown Baggers
  18. The Hawkwings
  19. The Brownstone Life
  20. Cinna-men
  21. Sensational Brown Buttons
  22. The Charlie Brown Club
  23. A Brown Buffalo Herd
  24. Brown Belt Fighters
  25. Hickory
  26. The Chocolate Browns
  27. A Brown Color Palette
  28. The Chocolate Bars
  29. Brown Eyes, Brown Coats
  30. The Roasters
  31. The Brown Bag Team
  32. The Coffee Bean Club
  33. The Beige Betties
  34. Here for Brown
  35. The Brown Squirrel Squad
  36. Chocolate Brown Cardigans
  37. Brown Gift Boxes
  38. Inviting Brown Spaces
  39. Cocoa & Mallows
  40. Brown Desert Sparrows
  41. Wild Brown Horses
  42. Custom Shades of Brown
  43. Brown Cubs & Puppies
  44. Chestnut Club
  45. The Brown Bread Crew
  46. The Fudge Club
  47. Chocolate Brown Plushies
  48. Brown Boot Barn Team
  49. Brown Tiger’s Eye Matrix
  50. Garnets & Brown Diamonds
  51. Brown Boot Mavericks
  52. Desert Canyons
  53. Brown Color Trends

How to Create a Good Brown Team Name

Brown isn’t the most popular color, and it can be challenging to find the perfect name for your team using this color. If none of the ideas on our list above suit your team, consider these tips to come up with your own ideas:

  • Combine the word “brown” with an animal or object. Plenty of animals have brown fur or feathers, and there are also a lot of objects that are brown in color. Choosing a name relating to something that already exists, such as brown bears or brown bags (as seen in our list), can make it easier to find a brown team name that all of your group members agree on.
  • Get inspiration from the real world. Not everything brown directly uses the word “brown” in its name. If you don’t want to include the word in your team name, think of things that are brown, such as mocha lattes, trees, deer, or acorns.
  • Choose a specific shade of brown. Since brown is a blend of other colors, it comes in a wide variety of shades. Pinpointing a particular shade can help you find a more interesting and cool team name. Consider incorporating words like “beige,” “chestnut,” “russet,” or “sand” into your team name.