59 Golf Team Names

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Golf tournaments can get seriously competitive, and golf team names can be funny, clever, or sometimes even dirty.

Golf is known as a relatively tame sport, but it also has a bit of a rebellious spirit. In Scotland, where golf was invented, the sport was actually banned three times![1]

Fear not, however — the most recent ban was in the 1400s, so you don’t have to worry about the course shutting down mid-game any time soon.

Golf not only bounced back in popularity after the ban but went on to become one of only two sports played on the moon![1]

Below, you’ll find our list of golf team names of all kinds, but if you’d rather create your own name, we also share some brainstorming tips below the list.

  1. Loss FORE Words
  2. Tee Time
  3. Tee for Two
  4. Putter Fingers
  5. A Putt Above
  6. All Bets Par Off
  7. Chances Par
  8. Par and Away
  9. A Par Cry
  10. Raise the Par
  11. In PARspective
  12. A ConsPARacy
  13. InsPARational
  14. Swingin’ in the Rain
  15. In the Rough
  16. FOREocious Force
  17. EuFOREia
  18. Green & Mean
  19. Birdie Little Secrets
  20. No Bogey
  21. Always CARTeous
  22. Nine the Wiser
  23. Team Tiger: Tiger Woods
  24. Nicklaus Nation: Jack Nicklaus
  25. The Mickelson Matrix: Phil Mickelson
  26. Fringe Force
  27. Back Nine Network
  28. Sun Screen Society
  29. Amazing Aces
  30. Significant Soles
  31. On the Greenside
  32. Bunker Battalion
  33. Driving Wedge Warriors
  34. The Lone Wolves
  35. Backspin To the Future
  36. Power Launchers
  37. Sand Trap Strikers
  38. The Green Guild
  39. Loft, Right, & Center
  40. Barrel of Lofts
  41. Mix & Scratch
  42. The Body Scratchers
  43. Basket Aces
  44. Cold as Slice
  45. Naughty & Slice
  46. Best Fade Plans
  47. The Last Draw
  48. Draws of Death
  49. By the Hook
  50. Hitting the Hooks
  51. A Lag Up
  52. Let the Grips Fall
  53. Exchanging Lances
  54. Fooling Abound
  55. Leaps & Mounds
  56. On the Wedge
  57. Leading Wedges
  58. NecesSCOREy Evils
  59. New PersPEGtives

How to Create a Great Golf Team Name

When creating a golf team name, you’ll want to consider teammates’ preferences and choose something that perfectly reflects all of your personalities and playing styles.

If none of the options on our list above is the right fit, create a great golf team name using the following tips:

  • Keep your team in mind. There is a wide range of team names to choose from for your golfing group. Keep your team’s purpose and opinions in mind. Is the team you’re naming is purely for recreation or is it competitive? What sense of humor do your teammates have? What are their strengths? If you’re golfing with friends, you can probably choose a much more casual name than if you’re golfing with work colleagues or competing in a high-class tournament.
  • Use professional golfers’ names as inspiration. If your teammates have a favorite professional golfer that they all admire, why not incorporate that person’s name or a fact about them into your team name? You can create a golf team name with just a single word or a short phrase.
  • Think about your history with your team and choose a name that reminds you of it. Maybe there are specific landmarks or parts of the course you love, or a particular course that your team loves and has a nickname for. Maybe there’s a tee time that you always schedule or a place you and your team always meet. Use small, personal details like that as inspirations for your team name. Take input from your teammates to find the best ideas.