161 Fantasy Football Team Names (Funny & More)

Man playing football

Fantasy football is a fun and competitive way to engage with your favorite sport and connect with others who share your passion for pigskin.

It’s been popular since the 1960s when the first fantasy football league — Oakland Raiders part-owner Bill Winkenback’s Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators — was created.[1]

Online leagues have only bolstered the popularity of fantasy football. They’ve been around since the early days of the World Wide Web in the late 1990s.[2]

Today, more than 30 million people participate in fantasy football![3]

When you join any fantasy football league, the first step is to choose a great name — usually one that’s funny or clever. Coming up with the best team name and comparing it to your competitors is practically a game of its own within each league!

Below, find more than 160 fantasy football team name ideas to choose from (categorized by type) — or scroll below the list for tips on creating a unique team name.

Note that we’ve included a “Girly and Female” section for teams looking for gender-specific terms, but your team can use any name it wants regardless of gender!


  1. Icing on the Kicker
  2. One Punter Punting
  3. No Fancy Moves
  4. The Bulls Are Running
  5. Stopping the Tight Ends
  6. Broiling on the Gridiron
  7. The Squares Network
  8. Imaginary Scrimmage Boundaries
  9. Parallel Runners
  10. Uprights in the End Zone
  11. Halfbacks in the Backfield
  12. Barry, Bernie, Deion, and Colonel: reference to players and public figures with the last name Sanders
  13. Failing to Advance
  14. Lonesome Polecats
  15. Blue, Green, & Orange Zones
  16. In Our Own Zone
  17. The Whiplash Players
  18. This Gurley’s on Fire: reference to the player Todd Gurley
  19. Scrimmage Boundaries Brigade
  20. Flea Flickers Force
  21. Torn Rotator Cuffs
  22. Gurley Spice: reference to the player Todd Gurley
  23. Not Worth Six Points
  24. The Apple Turnovers
  25. Shin Splints Abound
  26. Minimum Eiferts: reference to the player Tyler Eifert
  27. Tracking the Sacks
  28. Joe Greene’s Meanies: reference to the player “Mean” Joe Greene
  29. Butkus Kickers: reference to the player Dick Butkus
  30. Marino’s Lucky Thirteen-Os: reference to former Miami Dolphins player Dan Marino, whose jersey number was 13
  31. The Muffled Punters

Clever and Witty

  1. Allowed to Gain
  2. Desperation Moves
  3. The Backfield Is Offensive
  4. One-Handed Touchdowns: reference to OBJ’s one-handed touchdown catch
  5. In the Mythical Zone
  6. Mo Extra Linebackers
  7. Safety at 25 Yards
  8. The Advance Rushers
  9. Anticipating the Snap
  10. Sacking the Quarterback
  11. Nickels and Dimes
  12. Brown’s Touchdowns
  13. In the Promised Land
  14. Crackbacks & Clippings
  15. False Start Fouls
  16. The After Touchdown Points
  17. Sailing Between the Uprights
  18. Can’t Touch a Fair Catch
  19. Defending Against the Pass
  20. Safety Scoring Squad
  21. Caught out of Bounds
  22. Recovering the Fumble
  23. Forced Into Mistakes
  24. Receiving Record Breakers
  25. Harnessing the Blitz
  26. Coffin Corner Crew
  27. Touchdowns Whilst Falling
  28. Penalty for Clipping
  29. Back on the Chain Gang
  30. The Beckham Brigade: reference to OBJ
  31. First & Second Selections
  32. Third Round Picks
  33. Manning the Helm: reference to Peyton and Eli Manning
  34. Brady’s Bunch: reference to Tom Brady
  35. Unitas Again: reference to Johnny “The Golden Arm” Unitas
  36. Receivers Can’t Catch Us
  37. Huddle on the Field
  38. The Retaining Possession Set
  39. Perfecting the Formations
  40. Red Zone Warnings
  41. Our Best Eiferts: reference to the player Tyler Eifert
  42. Pinning the Opposition
  43. Team Mike, Sam, and Will: reference to linebackers
  44. In Prime Scoring Position
  45. The Eifert Tower: reference to the player Tyler Eifert
  46. Behind the Scrimmage Line
  47. Four in the Backfield
  48. The Winning Playbook
  49. Fourth Down Punters
  50. Entering the End Zone
  51. Above the Crossbar
  52. Within 40 Yards
  53. Officially in Play
  54. The Touchdown Troop
  55. Punters and Kickers Club
  56. Intent to Score
  57. Significant Yardage Gainers
  58. The Moral Victory Defense
  59. Kickoff Kollective
  60. End Zone Legends
  61. The Red Dog Defensive: reference to a defensive rush
  62. Lucky Thirteens: reference to Odell Beckham, Jr.’s “13” jersey
  63. Taylor Made Winners: reference to former New York Giants player Lawrence Taylor
  64. Catching the Brees: reference to the player Drew Brees
  65. Backing up the Line

Rude and Inappropriate

  1. Inflated Pig Bladders
  2. Horse Collar Tackle Crew
  3. A Questionable Defense
  4. Recovering Loose Balls
  5. Conduct Policy Violators
  6. The Pig Bladders Brigade
  7. Forward Rod Holders
  8. Brown’s Bail Makers
  9. The Helmet Throwers
  10. Perpetual Groin Pulls
  11. Fumbling Our Balls
  12. The Very Offensive Line
  13. Losers in the Sack
  14. The Turf Toe Troop
  15. Hands Off Our Balls
  16. Balls Intercepted
  17. Impacted, Damaged, & Torn
  18. The Fractured Clavicles
  19. Failing the Forward Pass
  20. Burners and Stingers
  21. Torn Meniscus Team
  22. The Concussion Collective
  23. Desperately Trying to Score
  24. Effective Eye-Gougers
  25. The Black Eyes Brigade
  26. Plagued With Injuries
  27. Touchdown Throw Losers
  28. Short-Lived Achievements
  29. Carted off the Field
  30. Unsportsmanlike Penalties

Girly and Female

  1. The Gridiron Girls
  2. Shredding the Defense
  3. No Longer Trivial
  4. She Defies the Odds
  5. The Hail Marys
  6. Grace Under Pressure
  7. Kicking All the Way
  8. Tougher Than We Look
  9. Proving We Belong
  10. The Lady Luck League
  11. She Creates History
  12. Hearts in Armor
  13. From Heels to Cleats
  14. Angels in the Huddle
  15. Lip Gloss and Shoulder Pads
  16. Girls Gone Rogue
  17. Chances at Dreams
  18. Divas of Mayhem
  19. The Spitfire Squad
  20. The Minx Matrix
  21. Proof of Power
  22. Daisies and Diamonds
  23. No Limits Network
  24. Diamond Dazzlers
  25. Red Zone Riveters
  26. Wild Card Angels
  27. Scrimmage Split Ends
  28. Leading a Revolution
  29. Breaking Through Barriers
  30. Making Sports History
  31. Breaking the Glass Ceiling
  32. Whatever We Want to Be
  33. Trying Our Luck
  34. Blooming in the Field
  35. The Helmet Hair Bunch

How to Create a Great Fantasy Football Team Name

We compiled our list by taking inspiration from the game, its players, and fan culture.

The best fantasy football team names are those that are obviously football-related and will resonate with any fellow fantasy player who sees them.

Keep the following tips in mind when creating your fantasy football name:

  • Make it funny. Team names that can get a laugh out of your competitors are some of the best around. If you’re in a league with your friends, this can make the game even more fun.
  • Get inspiration from football’s rules and terminology. You can see many examples of this in our list, using terms like “touchdown,” “linebacker,” or “yardage.” You can use more casual football lingo, too, like “gridiron” or “pigskin.” You can take common phrases and sub football terms into them, or just use the terminology for inspiration.
  • Use your favorite player’s name. If your favorite player is currently on the field or is a hall-of-famer, your competitors will instantly recognize your name — and you might make some friends or enemies, depending on whether they share your favorites. Use a pun or wordplay on the player’s last name, like our list’s “Catching the Brees.”