67 Soccer Team Names (Kids/Youth, Intramural, etc)

Black and white soccer ball in the grass

Soccer’s origins can be traced back thousands of years to when similar games were played in China,[1] though its modern form emerged in 19th-century Britain.[2]

Whether you call it soccer, football, futbol, futebol, voetbal, or some other variation,[3] soccer is undoubtedly the world’s favorite sport, with approximately four billion fans around the globe.[1]

Soccer team names can cover a wide range of groups, including young people, girls, and recreational players. Regardless of the type of team, it’s important to find a name that your whole team loves and finds motivating.

See our tips below the list to create a unique soccer team name, or use one of our 67 ready-to-go suggestions!

  1. Renegade Kicks
  2. Red Card Raiders
  3. Origin of Mayhem
  4. Disorder Derelicts
  5. The Cleats Elite
  6. ABCDE FC: a play on the alphabet, with “FC” standing for “football club”
  7. Commotion
  8. Breach the Peace
  9. Disruption
  10. The Victorious Secrets: a play on Victoria’s Secret for a women’s team
  11. Using Our Heads
  12. Just Messi Around: Lionel Messi
  13. Pitch Pirates
  14. Brouhaha Battalion
  15. The Hustlers
  16. Rogue Ruckus
  17. States of Mata: Juan Mata
  18. Conquerors
  19. Forward Motion
  20. The Talking Feet
  21. In the Hoopla
  22. Pandemonium
  23. Winning Habits
  24. Goals Immobilized
  25. Team Tevez: Carlos Tevez
  26. Defense Warriors
  27. Bicycle Kick Brigade
  28. Rebound Rebels
  29. The Pass Patrol
  30. Turbulence
  31. United Uproar
  32. Whirlwind
  33. Vortex Vibes
  34. Pjanic Zone: Miralem Pjanic
  35. Hazard Section
  36. Danger District
  37. Cleats Collective
  38. Fancy Footwork
  39. Wildflowers
  40. Maestros
  41. Victorious
  42. Ladybugs
  43. Wizards
  44. Memphis’ Matrix: Memphis Depay
  45. Striking Gold
  46. Ghoul Seekers
  47. Field of Illusion
  48. Aftershock Alliance
  49. Nemesis Nation
  50. Esprit
  51. Rush Hour
  52. Verve
  53. Animated Spirits
  54. Riptide Tribe
  55. Falling Stars
  56. Jinxed
  57. Maximum Attempts
  58. Feet in Flight
  59. It’s Kick Time!
  60. No Stopping Us
  61. Mischief Makers
  62. Hysteria
  63. The Kicking Chicks
  64. Grass Stain Society
  65. Throw-In Division
  66. Panic
  67. Feet of the Moment

How to Create a Great Soccer Team Name

Create your own awesome soccer team name using the following tips:

  • Use professional players or professional team names as inspiration. Your favorite professional soccer teams and the names of your favorite pro soccer players are a great place to start when creating your unique team name. You can go for something as simple as “FC [Your City]” or create a fun pun based on a player’s last name.
  • Highlight the team’s strengths or weaknesses. Find a way to turn words or phrases that describe your team’s collective vibe into a name. If your team has specific strengths or weaknesses, give your team name a comedic twist. Humorous sports-related team names always add an element of fun to your team and bring the laughs.
  • Use common soccer terms or research uncommon or unusual soccer words or phrases. Words that describe the various elements of soccer can be transformed into great team names. If you find a unique word, it may work well as a team name on its own. You can also add a descriptive word or two to make your team name more interesting if it’s a well-known term.