63 Funny & Clever Football Pool Names

Football pool names should be funny and clever to reflect the friendly-but-competitive spirit of your league. We have more than 60 suggestions for football pool names below — plus, scroll past the list for our tips on how to create your own football pool name!

  1. Serial Winners
  2. A Competitive Edge
  3. The Blitz Brigade
  4. Fair Catch Force
  5. Predetermined Permutations
  6. Field Tour de Force
  7. Possession Desperation
  8. Invariably Onside
  9. Interception Heroes
  10. Above the Crossbar
  11. Touchdown Triumph
  12. Advance Alliance
  13. Rogue Pass Catchers
  14. Linebacker Eluders
  15. Victors of Defense
  16. Scrimmage Sensations
  17. Defensive Charge Champs
  18. Gridiron Gold
  19. The Crackback Crew
  20. Coin Toss Conquerors
  21. The Football Icons
  22. Survivor Pool Posse
  23. Last Men Standing
  24. In the Grid
  25. Always Exceptional
  26. Suicide Squad
  27. Confidence Collective
  28. The Grid Group
  29. Fancy Moves Force
  30. The Nickel Backs
  31. Everlasting Audibles
  32. In Disguise
  33. Call to Confuse
  34. Miskicked Kickoffs
  35. The Eternal Tossers
  36. Sack Summit
  37. The Pylon Pinnacle
  38. Ace Block Alliance
  39. In the B Gap
  40. Smoke Route Corps
  41. C Gap Network
  42. Zone Turn Troop
  43. The Winning Edge
  44. In Travel Motion
  45. Trap Block Formation
  46. Spin Move Set
  47. The Scrambled Drills
  48. Passing the Scissors
  49. Radar Defense Disguise
  50. Quick Snap Specialists
  51. Kill Call Cadre
  52. Always in a Jam
  53. Inverted Veer Bunch
  54. Scheming Power Blockers
  55. Gauntlet Throw Down
  56. Taking the Go Route
  57. Opportunity Triggers
  58. The E-Gap Gang
  59. Double Move Fools
  60. Shallow Drag Routes
  61. Catch Man Scoundrels
  62. Backpedal Brutes
  63. Radar Defense Rascals

How to Create a Great Football Pool Name

As noted above, clever and funny football pool names are usually your best options. Keep the following tips in mind if creating your own name, several of which we also used when creating our list:

  • Use football/sports terminology. Words like “gridiron” and “scrimmage” will be universally known among your football pool, and jokes surrounding them are sure to get a chuckle (or a cringe if you go for a corny-funny name).
  • Use puns and playful banter. Funny doesn’t have to mean crude or mean-spirited. Wordplay and banter are great ways to create a witty name that’s still appropriate (especially if you’re in a work pool or don’t know other people in your league well yet).
  • Play up the competition. Use words related to losing, winning, and the competitive spirit — whether cocky (Serial Winners) or self-deprecating (Always in a Jam).
  • Know your league. Be sure to check if your league has any rules regarding vulgar or offensive language, or has any general naming conventions. Avoid coming up with the perfect name, only to find out that you can’t use it!