167 Political Fantasy Football Team Names

If you follow politics as closely as you follow football, you might want to combine your passions and choose a politically-themed name for your fantasy football team. Below, we list more than 160 political team name ideas — plus, scroll past the list for tips on creating your own name!

  1. Governed by Inferiors
  2. Political Deceivers
  3. No Collusion
  4. Declining Approval Ratings
  5. The Swing Voters
  6. Department of Homefield Security[1]
  7. Make America Deflate Again
  8. Reasonable Doubts
  9. Oval Offense: a play on the Oval Office and the team’s offense[2]
  10. Make Football Great Again
  11. Trumpsters
  12. The [Favorite Player] Administration: use your favorite player’s last name[3]
  13. Trump Cards
  14. The Caucus Collective
  15. Election Steelers[2]
  16. Bipartisan Cooperatives
  17. Band of Bleeding Hearts
  18. Moving to Moscow
  19. The Russian Colluders[1]
  20. We Dissent!
  21. Primary Winners
  22. The Covfefe Squad
  23. Alternative Fantasy Facts
  24. The Resistance[2]
  25. The Wall Tumbles Down
  26. Fibbers for President
  27. Team Crooked Hillary
  28. Trump up the Volume
  29. Conspiracy Theories
  30. The Fabricators
  31. Committing Perjury
  32. Basket of Deplorables
  33. The Trumplethinskins
  34. Making Noise, Doing Nothing
  35. Hair Force One
  36. Humpty Trumpty Sat on a Wall
  37. Electing Political Jokes
  38. Barack, Paper, Scissors
  39. A Throne of Repeated Lies
  40. Diplomatic Immunity
  41. Our Patriotic Duty
  42. Politically Incorrect
  43. Unpresidented Presidents[2]
  44. Trump’s Tiny Hands
  45. The Joke Is Over
  46. Looking for Trouble
  47. Making Bad Political Choices
  48. The Sleepy Creepy Joes
  49. Warped Political Views
  50. The Bad Hombres[2]
  51. Privilege of Choice
  52. The Donald’s Combover
  53. The Alternative Facts of Spicey
  54. On the Fence With Pence
  55. Political Hell Toupe
  56. Trumping It Up
  57. The Chosen Ones
  58. Team Sunshine and Moonbeams
  59. Wake Up Sleepin’ Bob
  60. Frankenstein’s Squad
  61. Red Wave/Blue Wave[2]
  62. The Lambs Are a Sham
  63. High Tax & High Crime
  64. The Shifty Pencil Necks
  65. Crying Clown’s Fake Tears
  66. Rocket Man in the Atmosphere
  67. Team No Talent
  68. Wacky, Irrelevant, and Failing
  69. Marbles in Our Mouths
  70. Dumb as Rocks
  71. Angry Democrat Thug Collective
  72. The Fraudsters of Mystery
  73. Falling for Fake News
  74. Here Comes the Tariff Man
  75. A Rally of Vulgarities
  76. The Feral Shouting Meatballs
  77. Promising You Everything
  78. Sounding the Trumpets
  79. Team of Napping Turtles
  80. Glitches, Twitches, & Snitches
  81. Political Kryptonite
  82. Gallup Poll[3]
  83. Great Political Obstructionists
  84. Political Alter Egos
  85. Fearing Election Interference
  86. Living on the Senate Floor
  87. Essentially Treasonous
  88. Wild Left-Wing Pundits
  89. Political Terms of Endearment
  90. Impervious to Criticism
  91. The Big Government Squad
  92. The Green New Deal[3]
  93. Speaking From the Bully Pulpit
  94. Riding on Coattails
  95. Checks & Balances of Power
  96. Classic Demagogues
  97. The Fence Menders
  98. An Attempted Filibuster
  99. On A Fishing Expedition
  100. Issues on the Front Burner
  101. Calling It Gerrymander
  102. Not So Grand Old Party
  103. Step Aside Incumbents
  104. From Inside the Beltway
  105. Sitting Lame Ducks
  106. Resorting to McCarthyism
  107. Lobbying for Influence
  108. Securing the Nomination
  109. The Reactionary Left-Wing
  110. Cutting the Red Tape
  111. Rubber Chicken Circuit Group
  112. Not So Silent Majority
  113. In a Smoke-Filled Room
  114. Spinning the Issues
  115. The Spin Doctors
  116. Corrupt Political Machine
  117. Road Trip Whistle-Stoppers
  118. Unorganized Control
  119. Absentee Ballot Brigade
  120. Evidence of Hypocrisy
  121. Shakespearian References
  122. Buried in Political Jargon
  123. Jumping on the Bandwagon
  124. Lured by Political Swag
  125. The Iron Triangle Alliance
  126. Team of Snollygosters
  127. Galvanizing the Crowds
  128. Forming a Strategy
  129. Swing State Battlegrounds
  130. Raiding the Public Purse
  131. Some Say Nuclear, Others Say Nucular
  132. The Misunderestimated
  133. We Can See Russia From Here
  134. Cutting the Fluffery
  135. Pit Bulls or Hockey Moms?
  136. Remember the Evil Doers
  137. Obstacles to Political Solidarity
  138. Fearing Fear Itself
  139. Never Walking Backward
  140. Accomplishment Is a Journey
  141. No Honor in Politics
  142. Masquerading Principles
  143. Speaking of Scandals
  144. Professional Lip Readers
  145. Grounded in Political Perspectives
  146. The Trump Lexicon
  147. Terminator or Governator?
  148. Winning One for the Gipper
  149. We Will Unconditionally Surrender
  150. Beware the Human Iceberg
  151. A Presidency or Accidency?
  152. Secretive Like Slick Willie
  153. Doubling Down on Bipartisanship
  154. Rehabilitated Political Images
  155. On the Campaign Trail
  156. Transcending Politics
  157. Men of Narrow Vision
  158. Returning to the Political Fray
  159. Attempting to Convince Congress
  160. Magnetic Political Shrewdness Squad
  161. Heavy-Handed Rulers
  162. Agreeing to Disagree
  163. Rarely a Consensus
  164. Expressive Political Objections
  165. Mistaking Literary “Genious”
  166. Some Say Repudiate, Some Say Refudiate
  167. Ringing Those Bells Like Paul Revere

How to Create Political Fantasy Football Team Names

There is no shortage of inspiration for political fantasy football team names — you have decades of the sport and centuries of political history to call upon! If you’re not into any of the ideas on our list, consider the following tips, which we used to create our list:

  • Look into major political events and scandals. Political events range from world-changing and significant to so silly you can’t believe they’re real. The more ridiculous the event, the funnier the team names you can make from it will be!
  • Use political and football lingo. Incorporate terms like “campaign,” “caucus,” and “incumbent” from the political world or “end zone” and “huddle” from football.
  • Use the names of political or sports figures. If you have a favorite (or least favorite!) player, coach, president, or founding father, you can use that person’s name in your fantasy football name. Poke fun at the person (“The Donald’s Combover”) or show reverence (“Abe’s Honest Ones”); the tone of the team name is up to you.
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