77 Color Street Group Names (for Facebook/VIP Nail Groups)

Color Street got its start in an unlikely place: a traffic jam! The nail art brand’s founder, Fa Park, was stuck on a bus in NYC traffic when he noticed a woman painting her nails in a cab and was inspired to create nail polish strips.[1]

Since then — after years of trial, error, and education — Color Street has become one of the fastest-growing direct sales companies[2] and makes all of its products in the U.S.[3]

Finding the perfect name for your Color Street group can be a challenge. You’ll want to find something appropriate for your business that reflects the fun and beautiful nature of nail art. Below, we have more than 70 Color Street nail group name ideas to choose from, plus tips to help you create more ideas that suit your Color Street Facebook or VIP group.

  1. The Pinkies
  2. Polished
  3. Cuticle Club
  4. Lacquer Legion
  5. Elegance
  6. The Glam Group
  7. Color Fusion
  8. Nail Art Alliance
  9. Limitless
  10. The Posh Salon
  11. Nail Couture[4]
  12. Glitter Gang
  13. Top Coat Collective
  14. Get Polished[4]
  15. Color Time
  16. Royal Nails[5]
  17. Elegant to Edgy
  18. Nail Revolution
  19. Dazzlers
  20. Confident Nails[4]
  21. Nail Art Brigade
  22. Fun to Formal
  23. Elite Nails[5]
  24. Smudge-Proof
  25. Trend Troupe
  26. The No Spills Squad
  27. Diamond Derelicts
  28. Artistic Nails[4]
  29. Glitter-Dipped
  30. Dots & Stripes
  31. NailFlirt[5]
  32. The Nail Place
  33. Prism
  34. Vivid
  35. Nail Graphics
  36. Radiant
  37. Flash of Polish
  38. The Color Circle
  39. ColorKarma[5]
  40. Clipper Collective
  41. French Tip Team
  42. Color Generation
  43. Nail Bliss
  44. Spectrum of Colors
  45. Colors on Trend
  46. Timeless
  47. PhenomeNailZ
  48. Mani-Pedi Posse
  49. Happy Nails Network
  50. Glitz & Glam
  51. Splash Nails[5]
  52. Color Concepts
  53. The Nail Accents
  54. Color Chic
  55. Nails Transformed
  56. Classy Colors
  57. No More Spills
  58. Luxtique[5]
  59. Buff & File
  60. Nail Elite
  61. Lux Color Legends
  62. Cosmic Colors
  63. Manicure Matrix
  64. Posh Polish Studio
  65. Glamour Gals
  66. Color Charms
  67. The Nail Works
  68. Tips & Toes
  69. Couture Colors
  70. Nails on Trend
  71. Always Nail Day
  72. Fingers to Toes
  73. Glitter Graffiti
  74. Nail Box Studio
  75. Infinite Colors
  76. Just Add Glitter
  77. Filed by Color

How to Create Good Color Street Group Names

Keep the following tips in mind if you’d prefer to create your own unique name for your Color Street group:

  • Choose an inclusive name. Don’t use any language that makes it seem like your group is exclusionary, such as “Ladies Only.” A name with a general, nail art-inspired focus and lighthearted mood will give your group a welcoming sense of community.
  • Think visually. You might want to create eye-catching graphics for your group, including a logo of the group name or flyers for sale events. Choose a name that you think will look good and be easy to read in such graphics. You might even want to test out a few names in a font that you like to make sure they’re legible and visually appealing.
  • Personalize your name. Don’t use company terms like “Color Street,” “VIP,” or “Nail Bar” in your name. Make it as personal as possible — not only to comply with the company’s best practices but also to make it more attractive and memorable to customers.
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