161 Clan Names for Fortnite (Three-Letter, Four-Letter, etc)

Fortnite shown on a mobile device

Originally planned as a PvE building game, Fortnite’s creators were inspired by the popularity of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to create Fortnite: Battle Royale.[1]

Their idea was a good one — though it’s technically free to play, Fortnite now pulls in over $3 billion per year![2]

Fortnite is known to be great for both casual players and pros, so it’s no surprise that there are over 200 million registered accounts for the game.[3]

Among those 200 million players, there are plenty of clans to join, and you can also choose to form your own.

Clan names for Fortnite can be survival-related, battle-inspired, or dystopian. Some of the best names consist of only three or four letters.

We list more than 100 options (both short and long) below, or if you want to create your own Fortnite clan name, you can use our tips below the list.

General Clan Names

  1. Slug Annihilation
  2. Zombie Zone
  3. Blood Writers
  4. The Rampant Renegades[4]
  5. Game Rage
  6. Carnage Collective
  7. Crimson Marksmen
  8. Brazen
  9. Insolent Tones
  10. The Untouchable[5]
  11. Contemptuous
  12. Scathing Attacks
  13. Devastation
  14. Covert Destroyer[6]
  15. Critical Epidemic
  16. Stealthy Looters[4]
  17. Merciless Outlaws
  18. Frenzy Hitters
  19. Clan Legacy
  20. Rogue Uprising
  21. Twisted Dimension
  22. Static Selection
  23. Victory Road
  24. Hit for Hires[5]
  25. Intimidation
  26. Dark Spirits[6]
  27. Sensational Silencers
  28. Torrent Divine
  29. Overpowered Anarchists[4]
  30. Outrageous Outlaws
  31. Reaperbot[5]
  32. Shadow Force
  33. King-Pins[6]
  34. Beastly Battalion
  35. Obscene Army[5]
  36. Noscoping Marks
  37. Sniper Elite
  38. Risky Coercion
  39. Infernal Hitmen
  40. Army of Aces[5]
  41. Fatal Mistake[5]
  42. Agents of EVIL[5]
  43. Psycho Hooligans
  44. Bulletproof Marksmen
  45. Duress Derelicts
  46. Cloaked Shadow[5]
  47. Extracted Confessions
  48. The Unbreakable Anarchists[4]
  49. Grim Leaders[6]
  50. Assassin Nation[5]
  51. Soul Snipers[5]
  52. Threat of Force
  53. Persuasion
  54. Hive Mind[7]
  55. Raging Bulls[5]
  56. Ghost Rider[5]
  57. Militant Matrix
  58. Mighty Illusions
  59. Minds of Murderers[7]
  60. The Soaring Assassins[4]
  61. Snipe the Hype[6]
  62. The Despised
  63. Demonic Essentials
  64. The Raging Agents[4]
  65. Sneaky Snipers[5]
  66. The Warring Ninjas[4]
  67. Skull Trooper[5]
  68. Grid Kings[7]
  69. Op Lurkers[4]
  70. Organic Punks[7]
  71. Tryhards[5]
  72. Blood Bashers[6]
  73. The Chilled Hitmen[4]
  74. Annihilation A-Listers
  75. H.A.T.E.D.[7]
  76. Upper-Class Assassins
  77. Psycho Vipers[6]
  78. Operation Annihilate[5]


  1. Ego
  2. Sly
  3. DUO: Desperate Ultimate Outlaws
  4. Biz: Broken Isolated Zombies
  5. Ace
  6. End
  7. FAB: Fierce Assassin Battalion
  8. Bad
  9. Gap
  10. DiM: Derelicts in Madness
  11. CUT: Collective Ultimate Terror
  12. Mad
  13. Raw
  14. fNe: Fear No Evil
  15. IoN: Invasion of Nation
  16. Foe
  17. Sin
  18. RiP: Rebels in Pursuit
  19. BEG
  20. Era
  21. BtS: By the Sword
  22. Aim
  23. BET: Blocked Exit Takeover
  24. FAD: Fierce Assassin Desperados
  25. HAH: Hit All Hostiles
  26. SoC: Sons of Chaos
  27. BiD: Boundaries in Death
  28. TRX[8]
  29. LiT: Legends in Terror
  30. Kin
  31. Mob
  32. FOG: Frenzied Opponent Guild
  33. REV: Rogue Endeavor Violators
  34. Jet
  35. Pro
  36. RaD: Rebels and Desperados
  37. RtV: Road to Victory[7]
  38. VOW: Volatile Outcast Warriors
  39. War


  1. DARE: Daily Anger Rage Effects
  2. Vile
  3. ARMY: Assassin Rebel Militant Youth
  4. Code[8]
  5. Duel
  6. AMMO[7]
  7. Soot: Scathing Outlaw Outcast Tribe
  8. Edge
  9. Soul
  10. Exit
  11. GoLD: Generation of Legendary Derelicts
  12. Heat
  13. CELL[8]
  14. Fuse[8]
  15. RoaR
  16. Dash[8]
  17. Rank
  18. CoRE: Coercion of Rebel Enemies
  19. Rare[8]
  20. Deal: Death Effects A-List Legion
  21. Toll
  22. Axed[8]
  23. Fate
  24. rekt[8]
  25. RioT[7]
  26. CooL[7]
  27. Zone
  28. DEbT: Desperate Erasure by Terror
  29. RUSH: Rogue Ultimate Society Hooligans
  30. iPWN[8]
  31. Evil
  32. ReaP[7]
  33. Hunt
  34. Echo[8]
  35. LUCK: Lying Urban Coercive Kin
  36. ZERO: Zombies Eat Rival Outcasts
  37. Jury
  38. Pace
  39. CreD[7]
  40. TANK[7]
  41. Risk
  42. RaZe[7]
  43. SAFE: Shadow Assassin Foe Effects
  44. WILD: Worst Intimidation Leviathan Division

How to Create a Great Clan Name for Fortnite

Below, we list a few tips to help you brainstorm and create your own Fortnite clan name.

  • Think about words and phrases that relate to survival. Games that focus on survival typically inspire players to create survival-themed names. Make a list of every word and phrase you can think of about survival — from first aid techniques to essential tools — and try them out Fortnite clan names. Even if you don’t think of one word or phrase that’s perfect, your list can give you a starting point to build your ideas around.
  • Alter the ideas on our list. The Fortnite clan names on our list can be changed or combined to create unique options. For example, you could take several words from our lists of three- and four-letter names and link them together to create a phrase, or you could turn one of our longer name ideas into an acronym.
  • Keep creativity in mind. To create an individual name for your clan that is unlike any other, think out-of-the-box. One way to ramp up your creativity is to look for synonyms for terms and phrases used in other clan names or appearing on your list of survival words. If you want to make the name even more personal, you can find a way to incorporate your name, favorite number, or another identifying fact into your clan name.

For more clan names (not specific to Fortnite, but possibly useful), you can also check out our list of 60+ cool clan names.

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