57 Blood Bowl Team Names

Blood Bowl was first released in 1986 and places fantasy football within a fantastical world full of orcs, dwarves, and other mythical creatures.[1] Goofier than most games, it plays on American sports culture while throwing in twists. For example, there are linemen like in regular football… but they’re zombies.[2]

Blood Bowl team names typically reflect the fantastical and exciting vibe of the game. While competitions take place worldwide — including Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, and Sweden[3] — team names are usually in English.

Our list has a range of options to choose from (over 50!), but if you’d rather create your own Blood Bowl team name, we also share some brainstorming tips below the list.

  1. Wreck & Ruin
  2. Greenskins Guild
  3. Ransack Remedy
  4. Raw Talent
  5. Intimidators
  6. Surly Society
  7. The Big Guys
  8. Gridiron Grind
  9. Mess Exodus
  10. Orc Ogres
  11. Carnage Causers
  12. Dwarf Derelicts
  13. The Blitzers
  14. Slayer Squad
  15. Guardian Goblins
  16. Troll Trouble
  17. Warhammers Inc.
  18. Fight Or Flight
  19. Hazardous
  20. Perilous Posse
  21. Gladiator Mayhem
  22. Gnarly Massacre
  23. Annihilation Alliance
  24. In Shambles
  25. Devastation
  26. Catastrophic Crew
  27. Desolate Dudes
  28. Wasteland
  29. Ravage Rebels
  30. Wreaking Havoc
  31. Agile Elves
  32. Undead United
  33. The Lizardmen
  34. Monstrous Ones
  35. Ghoul Group
  36. Mercenaries Matrix
  37. Halfling Heroes
  38. Bribe Battalion
  39. Armor Assets
  40. Tackle Zone
  41. Zombies Pass
  42. Vital Blood
  43. Chaotic Skills
  44. Legacy of Doom
  45. Midnight Maulers
  46. Avenging Ogres
  47. Nightmare Nation
  48. Chainsaw Scramble
  49. Infinite Darkness
  50. Orcidas Orcs
  51. Dungeon Dwellers
  52. Rogue Raiders
  53. The Grudge
  54. Gratuitous Violence
  55. Cyanide
  56. Killer Contract
  57. Chaos Edition

How to Create an Awesome Blood Bowl Team Name

Create a cool Blood Bowl team name using the following tips:

  • Make a list of words that Blood Bowl brings to mind. An excellent place to start when creating a team name is to make a simple list of words. Jot down any term that comes to mind when you think of Blood Bowl. You can use a single word or come up with a short phrase to effectively represent your team.
  • Get inspiration from the team itself. Is your team comprised of Halflings, Ogres, or Humans? Base your team name on the type of fantasy teammates you have. You can use physical features, strengths, or general descriptive words to create an individualistic name for your one-of-a-kind team.
  • Create a name referencing a real-life person or company. There are many references to real people, companies, and products in Blood Bowl. You can do the same by altering your favorite people’s or companies’ names to create a team name. A clever parody can make for a hilarious, fun, and creative team name!