63 NBA 2K Clan Names

Close-up of man's hands playing NBA 2K on Xbox

NBA 2K is one of the best-selling games in the U.S. and even counts professional players like LeBron James and entertainers like 21 Savage among its fans.[1]

Since its initial release in 1999, NBA 2K has expanded to a wide variety of platforms, introduced new modes and features, and collaborated with some of the sport’s biggest stars.[2]

All of that has helped the game rack up 8 million sales or more with each new release since 2016![3]

NBA 2K clan names can be based on general basketball terms and phrases or professional basketball teams and professional players’ names.

Our list features general NBA 2K clan names; however, if you want to create your own clan name, we also offer some tips below the list.

  1. Game Mode
  2. Winning Objectives
  3. Court Community
  4. Regulation Standards
  5. NBA Nation
  6. B-Ball Brigade
  7. Height of Stardom
  8. No-Frills
  9. Basket Junkies[4]
  10. All-Time Greats
  11. Authentic
  12. Genuine Articles
  13. Basket Brawlers[4]
  14. Undisputed
  15. Basket Hounds[4]
  16. Elevated
  17. Bona Fide Force
  18. Too Legit
  19. A Rim Above
  20. Rebound Legacy
  21. The Quantum Hoops
  22. Pass & Dunk
  23. Net Rippers[4]
  24. Bringing It
  25. The Record Setters
  26. Court Kings
  27. The 2K Kin
  28. Highlight Allstars
  29. Out of Bounce
  30. ForNET the Rest: a play on “forget the rest”
  31. Future Legends
  32. Just Dribble It!
  33. The Dribble Derelicts
  34. Leaping Legends
  35. The Arc Alliance
  36. Leading Leaps
  37. Air of Indecision
  38. Swish Swish
  39. Ball Stars[4]
  40. Valuable Attempts
  41. Score Endeavors
  42. Possession Posse
  43. Direct Influence
  44. Swish Splash
  45. Backboard Bounce
  46. Dribble Stealers
  47. Nothing But Nets[4]
  48. Lifts & Landings
  49. Single-Hand Swings
  50. Net Stars
  51. Fake Out Motions
  52. Ledgies & Wedgies
  53. Dribble Drive Desperados
  54. Net Legends
  55. Offense Outlaws
  56. Apex of Bounce
  57. In Fluent Motion
  58. Three for Free
  59. Vertical Violations
  60. Breakaway Zone
  61. Dreams & Efforts
  62. OBDC: Obsessive Basketball Disorder Crew
  63. MADNESS Matrix

How to Create a Good NBA 2K Clan Name

Create a good NBA 2K clan name using the following tips:

  • Turn your top players into a clan name. Your NBA 2K roster is a great place to begin when creating your clan name! Choose a single favorite player and create a clan name using their name. You can also use several players’ names and combine them to create a unique clan name.
  • Base your clan name on a favorite movie, book, or television show. You can showcase a favorite book, movie, show, or character by using the name to create your NBA 2K clan name. Use a part of the name or change it to make it less obvious what you are referencing. You can also add a completely unrelated word to change it up.
  • Name your team based on its best attributes. If your team has exceptional skill, use it to create your clan name. If it is a really common term or phrase — like “dedication” — you can look up synonyms for a more unique name option. For a humorous twist, you can also name your clan after its worst attributes.