117 Orange Team Name Ideas

There are plenty of places to find inspiration for orange team names. See our list of 90+ fun options below, or scroll past the list for our tips on creating your own orange team name!

  1. The Oranges
  2. Nothing Rhymes With Orange[1]
  3. Tropical Oranges[2]
  4. Orange Orangutans
  5. The Sour Oranges[1]
  6. Oasis of Orange
  7. Orange Justice
  8. Orange Fire
  9. The Sweet Oranges
  10. Orange Wizards
  11. Not From Concentrate: reference to natural orange juice[1]
  12. Orange Power Girls
  13. Lady Marmalades: reference to the song of the same name and orange marmalade[3]
  14. Orange Juicers
  15. Orange Crushers
  16. Smashing Pumpkins[1]
  17. The Orange Popsicles
  18. Orange Swarm[1]
  19. Orange You Glad We Finally Have a Name?
  20. Orange Blossoms
  21. Orange Devils
  22. Orange Ice
  23. Orange Fusion
  24. Bengals: named after the orange tigers[1]
  25. Orange Waves
  26. Orange You Glad to See Us?
  27. The Orange Phoenixes[2]
  28. Orange Demons
  29. The Glad Oranges
  30. Orange Crush
  31. Orange Fever
  32. Agent Orange[4]
  33. The Orange Trees
  34. Orange Power Rangers
  35. Flying Oranges
  36. Gingeronimo[4]
  37. Orange Lightning
  38. Orange Dots
  39. The Orange Ladies
  40. Orange With Rage
  41. Orange Extreme
  42. Orange-riginals: a play on the word “originals”
  43. Orange Tidal Waves
  44. Orange Freaks
  45. Finding Nemo: named after the orange cartoon fish[1]
  46. Outstanding Oranges
  47. Orange Heat
  48. Orange Fire Balls
  49. Ginger Gang[3]
  50. Orange Pixies
  51. Burnt Orange Brawlers[4]
  52. Extreme Orange
  53. Butternuts: named after the orange squash[1]
  54. Orange Raptors
  55. Orange Galaxy
  56. The Orange Peels
  57. CAMP Orange: stands for coral, apricot, mango, and peach — four shades of orange[2]
  58. Orange Grenades
  59. Waves of Orange
  60. Orange Barracudas
  61. Orange Vultures
  62. The Orange Octopi[2]
  63. Orange Snakes
  64. Orange on Everything
  65. Monarchs: named after the black and orange butterfly[1]
  66. Orange Gladiators
  67. Orange Sparks
  68. Peach Perfect[4]
  69. The Orange Slices
  70. Apricot Trotters[1]
  71. Orange Gators
  72. Orange Originals[2]
  73. Orange Hawks
  74. Orange Storm
  75. Clockwork Oranges[1]
  76. Orange Chicks
  77. Orange Dudes
  78. Orange Zest
  79. Cheddar: named after the orange cheese[5]
  80. Orange Warriors
  81. Orange Knights
  82. Carrot Tops[3]
  83. Orange Men
  84. Sunfist[4]
  85. Blood Orange
  86. Orange Eagles
  87. Orange Princesses
  88. Orange Blizzards
  89. The Fighting Oranges
  90. Orange Twisters
  91. Orange Princes
  92. The Man-gerines: a play on tangerine[4]
  93. Orange Mist
  94. Orange Oasis[2]
  95. Orange Rockets
  96. Orange Butterflies
  97. Apples to Oranges
  98. Orange Diamonds
  99. Orange Tigers[2]
  100. Orange Blazers
  101. Orange Attacks!
  102. Orange Flames
  103. Orange Agents
  104. Orange Ogres[2]
  105. Blood Orange Warriors
  106. Orange Dynamite
  107. Orange Razors
  108. Marigold-getters[1]
  109. Orange Falcons
  110. Splash of OJ[1]
  111. Orange Aliens
  112. Orange Stars
  113. Creamsicles[3]
  114. Orange Thunder
  115. Under the Orange Tree
  116. Orange Tornados
  117. Orange Impact

How to Create an Orange Team Name

The easiest way to create an orange team name is to pair “Orange” with another word. Choose an intimidating pair like our list’s example of “Orange Devils” or a funny one like “Orange Juicers.” There are endless options to choose from — animals, objects, characters, mythical creatures, and more.

Orange team names will usually include the word “Orange,” and our list focuses on names that contain the word — but you don’t necessarily have to use it. Unless you’re doing an activity where all teams are required to name themselves after their assigned color, you can get as creative as you want. Find inspiration from orange objects, such as carrots, pumpkins, foxes, traffic cones, or flames.

Whether you want a fun and silly name or one that will make the competition quiver with fear, orange team names are easy to create, and with so many options available, you should have no trouble finding a unique name!

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