69 Viking Clan Names

Vikings had an immeasurable influence on history and culture. Even the names of our weekdays come from the names of Viking gods![1]

There are a lot of unexpected facets of the Viking lifestyle — such as their penchant for cleanliness[2] — but the Vikings’ adventurous nature and bravery make them a great inspiration for team names for all kinds.

Whether you’re playing a game directly inspired by Vikings (like Vikings: War of Clans) or simply want a clan name that reflects the Viking spirit, we have more than 60 ideas to choose from below. Scroll past the list for tips to help you create your own Viking clan names, too!

  1. Of the Sea
  2. Rogue Raiders
  3. Medieval Matrix
  4. Long Ship Legion
  5. Ylfings[3]
  6. Norse Network
  7. Blade Song
  8. Optimal Aces[4]
  9. Bounty Seeker[4]
  10. Piece Makers[4]
  11. Maritime Connection
  12. The Runestones
  13. Odin’s Ravens: reference to the god Odin
  14. Static
  15. Carnage Epidemic[4]
  16. Inimical Thugs[4]
  17. Plague[4]
  18. Talisman
  19. Instincts
  20. Ynglings[3]
  21. Barbaric Perceptions
  22. Freyja’s Battlers: reference to the war goddess Freyja
  23. Heathen Heroes
  24. Volsungs[5]
  25. Left Divide[4]
  26. Death Wish[6]
  27. Recoil[6]
  28. Feudal Overlords
  29. Electric Norsemen
  30. The Nine Worlds: reference to Norse cosmology
  31. Norse Code Collective
  32. Germanic Guild
  33. Recon[6]
  34. Fury[6]
  35. Embers Rising[6]
  36. Warrior Culture
  37. Influence
  38. The Northmen
  39. Alchemy Assault[6]
  40. Human Shield[6]
  41. Immortal Dynasty[6]
  42. Rune Writers
  43. Warfare Wounds
  44. Conventional Tactics
  45. Mutalist[6]
  46. Rise of the Fallen[6]
  47. Siege of Ages[6]
  48. The Sea Force
  49. Strategy
  50. Dark Ages Alliance
  51. Revenge Saga
  52. Zone Avengers[6]
  53. X Clan[6]
  54. War Crimes[6]
  55. Combat System
  56. Proven Worthy
  57. Skirmish
  58. The Barbarians
  59. Covert Destroyer[4]
  60. Punisher’s Apprentice[4]
  61. Mystic[6]
  62. Legacy of War
  63. Severed
  64. Divided Loyalty
  65. Perilous
  66. Fearless Ambition
  67. The Conquerors
  68. Clash Contract
  69. Throne Worthy

How to Create Cool Viking Clan Names

Brainstorming with your team can help you find the perfect clan name to reflect everyone’s interests and tastes. Keep the following tips in mind when creating your own Viking clan name ideas:

  • Call upon history and mythology. Norse mythology and culture are fascinating to study. There are various gods, goddesses, worlds, realms, and beliefs you can use to inspire your clan name. For example, you might name your clan after Freyja, a powerful goddess associated with war.[7] You could even choose the name of a real Viking clan, such as Ylfings.
  • Use Old Norse language. Historically, Vikings were Scandinavian and spoke the Old Norse or Old Scandinavian language. You can use terms from this language as part of your clan name. If you’re unfamiliar with the language, find an Old Norse-to-English dictionary online to browse your options. Words like “torr” (ruined/stained) or “skipari” (sailor)[8] might be perfect for your team!
  • Get inspiration from your game. If historical references and Germanic languages go over your head, simply use the game you’re playing for inspiration. For example, does the game include direct combat with a foe? Choose something like our list’s “Clash Contract” to show your Viking clan’s perseverance in clashes with your enemies.