51 Truck Group/Truck Club Name Ideas

Vintage truck at a truck club meeting

Trucks have a history almost as long as cars, with the first being introduced by Gottlieb Daimler in 1896.[1]

From customs to classics to the newest and most tech-savvy, truck clubs are a fun way to connect with fellow truck enthusiasts, talk about your favorite makes and models, and learn about truck history and modifications.

While it’s hard to say precisely how many truck clubs there are in the U.S., online directories like Sportruck.com list several hundred,[2] some with specialties like mini-trucks, lifted trucks, or lowriders.

When creating a truck club, it’s essential to choose a name that is catchy, clear, and will appeal to like-minded people who might want to join your group.

Below, we list over 50 truck club name ideas, plus tips for creating your own group name.

  1. The Bro Dozers
  2. Maximum Amps
  3. The Coal Rollers
  4. Coal Crew
  5. The Mud Slingers
  6. Limited Slips
  7. Rock Crawlers
  8. All About Traction
  9. Mud Boggers
  10. Where’s the Mud?
  11. On the Rocks
  12. Fully Engaged
  13. Zero Obstacles
  14. Mudders at Large
  15. Drag Links
  16. Speed Equalizers
  17. Axles at Angles
  18. Sidewall Squad
  19. Club & Chassis Crew
  20. Death Wobblers
  21. Roll Bar Brigade
  22. The Shock Boots
  23. Lug Nuts Nation
  24. Socket Key Krew
  25. Team Throttle
  26. Unpaved Ground
  27. Rough Road Riders
  28. Path Planners
  29. Always Unpredictable
  30. Modification Matrix
  31. Terrain Traversers
  32. Dune Bashers
  33. In the Green Lane
  34. Mud Pit Rovers
  35. Out of the Ditch
  36. Precise Maneuvers
  37. All-Terrain Approved
  38. In Low Gear
  39. Descending in Control
  40. Aftermarket Suspension
  41. Gnarly Trail Victors
  42. Locking Differentials
  43. Off-Road Desperados
  44. Boggers in Exile
  45. Accepting the Challenge
  46. Obstacle Conquerors
  47. G-Force Group
  48. The Gumbo Bunch
  49. Directional Tread
  50. Custom Grooves
  51. On Rough Ground

How to Create a Great Truck Club Name

As long as your name is truck-related, it can be anything you want it to be, from a joke about muddy tires to a name that targets drivers of a particular truck model.

To create your truck group name, you should consider the following:

  • Specificity: Will your club focus on one specific make or model? If so, be sure to include a reference to that in your group name. This will make it easier for people to find your group and decide whether it’s fit for them to join.
  • Tone: Do you want a name that will make people laugh or seem tough and cool? The focus of your group might impact this — for example, if you’re an off-road truck group, you might lean toward something that sounds adventurous.
  • Members: Who is already in or will join your truck club? Would you prefer to restrict membership to people of a certain age or gender? Or, perhaps your group is for residents of a particular city. Consider mentioning these demographics in your group name. If your group is open to anyone, choose an inclusive name so potential members immediately know they’re welcome.

With these tips in mind, you can get inspiration from many places: truck parts, driving terminology, pop culture that references trucks, and more!