53 Survivor Tribe Names

“Survivor” first aired in the U.S. in 2000;[1] 20+ years and 500+ episodes later,[2] the show has had winners ranging from 21 to 57 years old and contestants ranging from 18 to 75![3]

Dedicated fans of the show arrange events of their own, including overnight contests where participants take part in “Survivor”-style games for charity — sometimes alongside actual cast members![4]

Whether you’re competing in a “Survivor” event of your own, doing “Survivor” trivia, or simply love the show, your tribe name can be new and unique or come directly from the TV show. Below, we list more than 50 survivor tribe name ideas; those marked with an asterisk (*) come directly from the “Survivor” TV series. If you want to create your own unique survivor tribe name, we also offer some tips below the list!

  1. Chaos Tribe
  2. Futuristic Tribe
  3. Progress Tribe
  4. Killerz Tribe
  5. Mango Mania Tribe
  6. Tikiano Tribe*
  7. Heroes Tribe*
  8. Villains Tribe*
  9. Timbira Tribe*
  10. Mogo Mogo Tribe*
  11. Saboga Tribe*
  12. Pagong Tribe*
  13. Unbreakable Sword Tribe
  14. Phoenix Ashes Tribe
  15. Rovers Tribe
  16. Marauders Tribe
  17. Raiders Tribe
  18. Manono Tribe*
  19. Saloni Tribe*
  20. Kucha Tribe*
  21. Vata Tribe*
  22. Brazen Ravens Tribe
  23. Seers Tribe
  24. Rabid Tribe
  25. Invincible Tribe
  26. Grim Tribe
  27. Bitter Crow Tribe
  28. Kalokalo Tribe*
  29. Malolo Tribe*
  30. Soko Tribe*
  31. Yawa Tribe*
  32. Reckless Rage Tribe
  33. Phantom Fury Tribe
  34. Assiduous Tribe
  35. Meticulous Tribe
  36. Industrious Tribe
  37. Sedulous Tribe
  38. Yin Yang Tribe*
  39. Aiga Tribe*
  40. Chuay Jai Tribe*
  41. Balboa Tribe*
  42. Dabu Tribe*
  43. Nightmare Tribe
  44. Original Axe Tribe
  45. Infamous Brothers Tribe
  46. Savage Thunder Tribe
  47. False Oracle Tribe
  48. Savage Embers Tribe
  49. Ancestor’s Auras Tribe
  50. Sapphire Shield Tribe
  51. Misty River Tribe
  52. Lightening Tribe
  53. Spirit Arrow Tribe

How to Create an Awesome Survivor Tribe Name

Create a personalized survivor tribe name using the following tips:

  • Think about what will motivate you to continue. You and your tribe should choose a name that will keep you going when you may feel like quitting. You can use just one motivational word followed by “Tribe,” or choose a short phrase that will inspire you to remain in the game.
  • Create a brand new word or phrase. Take inspiration from some of the more unusual Survivor tribe names that have been used in the past and create a new word or phrase of your very own. Make up a word, combine words, or change the spelling of a word. Your name is sure to be unique since it has never been heard before!
  • Choose your name based on a favorite “Survivor” contestant’s name. If you and your tribe have a “Survivor” that you admire, why not transform their name into a unique team name? You can use a first or last name or even a nickname, then perhaps add an interesting descriptive word to complete your tribe name.