67 “Star Wars” Team Names

Great “Star Wars”-inspired group names may be funny, cool, or serious — you can decide what you would like the name to represent. There are many years of iconic “Star Wars” films, stories, and characters to draw from as inspiration. If you can’t find anything that fits your group on our list, see our tips for making your own name below.

  1. The Skywalkers
  2. Lightspeed Rovers
  3. Chewy’s Kind
  4. Wandering Tatooine
  5. Leia’s League
  6. Obi-Wan’s Soldiers
  7. Force Wielders
  8. Alderaan Alliance
  9. Droids Galore
  10. Millennium Matrix
  11. Han’s Homies
  12. On R2D2’s Radar
  13. Leia’s Legacy
  14. Finn’s Forces
  15. Sith Happens
  16. Calrissian’s Crew
  17. The Solo Set
  18. C3PO’s Kind
  19. Caste Of Wizards
  20. Falcon Force
  21. Vader’s Voices
  22. The Yoda Collective
  23. Jedi Status
  24. Darth’s Henchmen
  25. Stormtrooper Types
  26. Han Shot First
  27. Tie Fighter Style
  28. Dark Side Vengeance
  29. Rage Retribution
  30. BB-8’s Bunch
  31. Yoda’s Wisemen
  32. X-Wing Warriors
  33. On the Dark Side
  34. Naboo Nation
  35. Ren’s Renegades
  36. Scavengers
  37. Rebel Base Commanders
  38. Jabba’s Crime Lords
  39. Lightsaber League
  40. We’re With Kenobi
  41. Hutt Gangsters
  42. Saga Scoundrels
  43. The New Hope Gang
  44. Rey’s Rogues
  45. The Force Is With Us
  46. Endor’s Battlers
  47. The Rebellion
  48. Wookie Mistakes
  49. Alliance Of Rebels
  50. Sidious Schemers
  51. The New Mos Eisley Cantina Band
  52. Anakin’s Associates
  53. Jedis in Training
  54. On Skywalker’s Side
  55. Jar Jar Lives On!
  56. The Crew from Naboo
  57. Hyperspace Humanoids
  58. Force Sensitive Society
  59. Imperial Inc.
  60. The Heliost Clan
  61. Council Coalition
  62. Jinn’s Legion
  63. Wookies of the Year
  64. Qui-Gon’s Kin
  65. The Wampas
  66. Jedi Master Mentors
  67. Sith Troopers

How to Create a Cool “Star Wars” Group Name

Everyone knows “Star Wars.” Even people that have never seen one of the films are aware of its main characters and general story. The more sources you have for finding a great group name, the easier it is to create one — and since it’s such a long-running and beloved franchise, “Star Wars” offers many options. Our tips for creating a cool “Star Wars” group name include:

  • Watch one or all of the “Star Wars” movies. As you watch, look and listen for words or phrases that may stand out to you. A favorite scene or side character that wouldn’t come to mind without a rewatch might inspire you. Your group name may be just one movie viewing (or binge session) away.
  • Check out other “Star Wars” content like books and TV shows. You might find a lesser-known character, location, or plotline to inspire your team name, impressing fellow fans with your in-depth knowledge.
  • Think of characters, places, and other specifics. Names, planets, and other story elements may be perfect for your “Star Wars” group name. Your favorite character or place will always evoke happy memories if you choose it as your group name. If favorites differ among your group members, make a list and take a vote!
  • Read movie reviews and check out “Star Wars” fansites. Movie reviews and fan websites are usually chock full of descriptive words. You may find a cool “Star Wars” group name by choosing one or more unique “Star Wars”-related words or inside fan jokes from these sources.