143 Space-Themed Team Names

Space-themed team names offer a galaxy of ideas! From names relating to planets and stars to words commonly used in astronomy — the sky doesn’t come close to the limit when it comes to finding your perfect space-themed team name. Find our ideas below, plus helpful hints if you’d prefer to create your own team name.

  1. Now in Orbit
  2. The Gravity Cluster
  3. Maximum Velocity
  4. Intelligent Life[1]
  5. At Light Speed

  1. Alien Earthlings[1]
  2. Sun Flares
  3. Moon Walkers[1]

  1. Flyby Voyagers
  2. The Meteorites[1]
  3. Heat Resistant
  4. Unknown Planets[1]

  1. The Lava Planets[2]
  2. The Dark Energy Stars[2]
  3. Saturn’s Rings

  1. The Stargazers[1]
  2. Astro Belts[1]
  3. The Infrared
  4. The Planeteers[1]

  1. In Retrograde Motion
  2. The Earthlings[1]
  3. Light Years Away
  4. Supermassive Black Holes
This artist’s impression shows the surroundings of a supermassive black hole, typical of that found at the heart of many galaxies. The black hole itself is surrounded by a brilliant accretion disc of very hot, infalling material and, further out, a dusty torus. There are also often high-speed jets of material ejected at the black hole’s poles that can extend huge distances into space. Observations with ALMA have detected a very strong magnetic field close to the black hole at the base of the jets and this is probably involved in jet production and collimation.
  1. The Hypernovas[2]
  2. Elliptical Circuit
  3. Asteroid Belts[1]

  1. The Relativistic Time Dilations[2]
  2. Halo of Stars
  3. Gravitationally Challenged
  4. The Magnetars[2]

  1. Intelligent Earthlings[1]
  2. Cataclysmic Variables
  3. The Lenticular Galaxies[2]
  4. The Craters[1]

  1. The Extraterrestrials
  2. The Primordial Black Holes[2]
  3. Beyond Andromeda
  4. The Grays: aliens


  1. Stellar Remnants
  2. The Rocky Moons[1]
  3. Pluto’s Ice Crystals[1]
  4. Saturn Surfers[3]
  5. Killer Comets[1]

  1. Celestial Spheroids
  2. Solar Flares[1]
  3. Extraterrestrial Space Cadets[1]
  4. The Satellite Set

  1. Interstellar
  2. The Orion Network
  3. Stephan’s Quintet[2]
  4. The Space Jams[1]
  5. Stratosphere Squad

  1. Beyond the Stars[1]
  2. Atomic Astronomers
  3. Solar-Powered[1]

  1. The Constellations
  2. Hoag’s Objects[2]
  3. Evil Galaxies[1]
  4. Planetary Collisions
  5. The Omega Nebula[2]

  1. Team Pulsar[2]
  2. Dances With Planets[1]
  3. Beam Us Up!
  4. Cosmic Rays
  5. Mad Martians[1]

  1. Team Universe
  2. Galaxy Invaders[1]
  3. Extraordinary Astronauts

  1. Solar Seekers[1]
  2. Gravitationally Bound
  3. Lunar Rovers[1]

  1. Cluster of Stars
  2. Abominable Astronauts[1]
  3. The Hubbles
  4. Mars Attacks[1]

  1. Astronomical Advantages
  2. Exploding Stars[1]
  3. Spacecraft Crew
  4. The Solar Systems[1]

  1. The Supernovas
  2. Atomic Asteroids[1]
  3. Mission Time
  4. Mars Bars[1]
  5. Cosmic Comets[1]

  1. NASA Tribe
  2. Space Rangers[1]
  3. Celestial Debris
  4. Hubble Space Blasters[1]
  5. Astronomically Smart
  6. The UFOs[1]

  1. Nearly Spherical
  2. The Big Dippers[1]
  3. Planetary Posse
  4. Cosmic Radiation Crew
  5. Marvelous Martians[1]

  1. Supernova Stars
  2. Hubble Space Stars[1]
  3. The Cosmologists
  4. Jupiter’s Sacred Eye[1]

  1. Nebula Network
  2. Abominable Aliens
  3. Blazing Comets[1]
  4. Intrinsic Luminosity
  5. Orbital Eccentrics

  1. Celestial Phenomena
  2. Star Hoppers
  3. Comet Creatures[1]
  4. Light Years Ahead
  5. The Moon Rockers[1]

  1. The Cosmic Creatures
  2. The Apollos[1]
  3. Binary Star Brigade
  4. Alien Visitors
  5. The Mercuraiders[3]

  1. Moon Patrol[1]
  2. On Celestial Time
  3. Comet Crushers[1]
  4. Area 51 Inhabitants

  1. The Great Red Spots[1]
  2. The Bolides
  3. The Astros[1]
  4. Carbon Stars
  5. Human Asteroids[1]
  6. Not of This Earth

  1. Asteroid Aces[1]
  2. Escaping Velocity
  3. Red Comets[1]
  4. Armstrong, Aldrin, & Co.
  5. The Red Spots[1]

  1. Darkest Eclipses[1]
  2. The Habitable Zone
  3. Meteor Storms
  4. All-Star Asteroids[1]
  5. Prism Posse

  1. Little Dippers[1]
  2. Bright Stars[1]
  3. The Morning Stars
  4. Bashing Planets[1]
  5. Travelers From Other Worlds


  1. Sunspot Squad
  2. The Venusians[3]
  3. Tidal Forces
  4. X-Class Flares

How to Create a Great Space-Themed Team Name

Our tips will help you begin to lift off on your way to creating your own great space-themed team name! Even if you know little to nothing about space, with our tips, you can find the perfect fit for your space-themed team in no time.

  • Be abstract or factual. You can base your name on actual scientific discoveries related to space, or choose a more speculative, science-fiction inspired name. Decide the type of name you want before you begin brainstorming to make your search easier.
  • Make a list of all the words that come to mind when you think of space. Since you likely want your team name to be unique, you can use actual words or alter and combine them to create new words of your own.
  • Consult an astronomy dictionary. Search for a list of terms related to astronomy and space. You may find a single word that works on its own, or try a combination of several words, depending on the length of team name you want.
  • Research astronauts and international space projects. You may find the perfect team name as you browse articles and stories about space exploration. Check out the first moon landings, famous astronauts, and the like for celestial inspiration.
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