57 Redneck Team Names

Cowboy boots lined up on a shoe rack

While in the past, “redneck” has been an insulting word targeting rural, working-class people,[1] many people today have reclaimed it and use it to show pride in their heritage or lifestyle.

Songs like The Charlie Daniels Band’s “(What This World Needs Is) A Few More Rednecks”[2] and Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman”[3] take this “redneck pride” perspective — and might even serve as anthems for your team!

Redneck team names can be funny and lighthearted as long as you keep your name appropriate for all audiences. It’s best to avoid offensive or derogatory words.

Our list features a range of fun, humorous choices. If you’d like to create your own redneck team name, we also offer some brainstorming tips below the list.

  1. Country Fried
  2. Small Town Heroes
  3. The Kin Folks
  4. Hillbilly Legacy
  5. Double Wide Derelicts
  6. The Spent Shells
  7. Honky Tonk Badonkadonks
  8. The Britches Bunch
  9. Backwoods Collective
  10. Four Wheel Drive Division
  11. A Few More Rednecks
  12. Loud & Proud
  13. Barefoot Inc.
  14. The Beer Guzzlers
  15. Truck Yeah!
  16. Good Muddin’
  17. The Redneck Women
  18. High Tech Rednecks
  19. The Dang Thangs
  20. Yee Haw!
  21. Fresh Possums
  22. Holler Back Generation
  23. NASCAR Nation
  24. The Full Kegs
  25. Cornbread[4]
  26. Rural Rebels
  27. The Clodhoppers
  28. Crop Circles[4]
  29. Bumpkins
  30. Country Cousins
  31. Hicks & Hayseeds
  32. Aw, Shucks[4]
  33. The Southern Accents
  34. Sweet Tea Posse
  35. Biscuits & Gravy
  36. Grits Generation
  37. Corn Thugs[4]
  38. The Redneckers
  39. Rowdy & Rogue
  40. The Dirt Slingers
  41. Corny Express[4]
  42. No Sympathy[4]
  43. Rednecks Rock!
  44. Tear Gas[4]
  45. Gold Diggers[4]
  46. Death Wish[4]
  47. Dirtbags[4]
  48. Stuck Together[4]
  49. Firefly Circle
  50. Bubba’s Gang
  51. Human Beans[4]
  52. Jiffy Pop[4]
  53. Starch Farts[4]
  54. We’re Purty Smart!
  55. Cheap Seats
  56. Mediocre At Best[4]
  57. Old Bags[4]

How to Create Your Own Funny Redneck Team Names

Use the following tips to create your own funny redneck team names:

  • Look up songs and sayings about rednecks. Lyrics and song titles will give your team an amazing amount of redneck team name choices. You can use lyrics or short phrases as they are or alter them by adding and changing words to make the name personal to your team.
  • Imagine redneck-themed words that might describe your team. Make a list of southern words that come to mind when you think of your team, and create a team name with your favorite. You can also have each team member submit their favorite and put the winner to a team vote.
  • Research comedy about redneck and southern topics. Be aware that you may come across words and phrases that some may find offensive. Get creative with your redneck team name choice while being mindful of the most appropriate choices.