61 Witty Team Names

Laughing group with a witty team name

To be witty is to have a talent for coming up with clever, insightful, and amusing statements at the drop of a hat.[1]

Since it’s a difficult skill to master, it’s often seen as a sign of intelligence and a sharp mind.[2]

There are various types of wit. You may have heard the phrase, “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”[3] — banter, wordplay, puns, wisecracks, and deadpan humor are also types of wit.[4][5]

Witty team names can be appropriate for a variety of work and leisure teams. If your team is seeking an inventive and humorous name, you might consider a witty team name.

Of course, if your team is professional, you’ll need to create a name that’s tasteful as well as witty.

Choose one of the 60+ options on our list below, or check out our tips for creating your own witty team name after the list.

  1. Rusty Halos
  2. Droll Derelicts
  3. Big Time Winners
  4. Skilled Mortals
  5. Primary Colors
  6. The Underdogs
  7. Goal Diggers
  8. Occupational Hazards
  9. Educated Guesses
  10. Profound Nuances
  11. Ties and Tiaras
  12. Making the Grade
  13. Adept Inhabitants
  14. Free Foulin'[6]
  15. Barefoot Executives
  16. Nothing Is Everything: minimal
  17. Catch Us If You Can
  18. Clever Shadows
  19. Blood Bath and Beyond[6]
  20. Dream Catchers
  21. Dynamic Energy
  22. Control Freaks
  23. Creative Comics
  24. Number Crunchers: accountants
  25. Creative Punishment
  26. Attention Deficit[7]
  27. Dream Crushers
  28. Flying Sparks
  29. The Germophobes
  30. Invisible Wizards
  31. Kicking Assets
  32. Magnetic Fields
  33. The Plaid Pantsuits
  34. Sand Dollar Millionaires
  35. The Most Piquant: exciting
  36. Shimmy Shakers
  37. Sidewalk Prophet Squad
  38. Team Oxford Comma
  39. Techie Tribe
  40. Tongue Twisters
  41. Variations of Wit
  42. Witty Wanderers
  43. The Chucklesome Ones
  44. Ever Clever
  45. Comical Misunderstandings
  46. Sidesplitting Anecdotes
  47. The Mullet Mafia[7]
  48. Dribblers[7]
  49. Risky Quizness[7]
  50. Public Scratchers[7]
  51. Pavement Princesses[7]
  52. Out of the Cubicle[7]
  53. The Crybabies[7]
  54. Gone With the Win[6]
  55. Twisted Blisters[6]
  56. Running on Empty[6]
  57. Also-Rans[6]
  58. Ketchup If You Can[6]
  59. The Turf Burns[6]
  60. We Got the Runs[6]
  61. Bag of Chips[6]

How to Create Your Own Witty Team Names

Try the following tips to create your own witty team names:

  • Turn to the masters. You can get inspiration for witty team names from people known for their skilled wordplay, such as writer/filmmaker Nora Ephron, rapper/songwriter Jay-Z, or writer Dorothy Parker. Look up quotes and quips from these writers to help generate ideas of your own.
  • Use fun facts about your team. The secret to a witty team name is quick humor and uniqueness. Create a witty team name by choosing a descriptive word or phrase about your team or that can be tweaked to form a quick-witted name.
  • Think of witty words or phrases you already know or use. A witty team name may be right in front of you once you consider some of the humor you use on a day-to-day basis.
  • Vote on your favorite. If your team is on the creative side, have each member submit a witty team name and put the winner to a team vote. If you have several great options, try combining them in a unique or unusual way. Get creative!