63 Sad Group Names

Sad groups that are down in the dumps may want a name that evokes tears or something on the more sad-but-jovial side. Whether your group’s purpose is to commiserate or you just want a sad-sounding name, we have more than 60 sad group names to consider. If nothing on our list strikes the fancy of your group, we offer some tips on how to create your own sad group name below our list.

  1. Gloom Guild
  2. Verge of Tears
  3. The Sorrowful Squad
  4. Despondent Derelicts
  5. Misery Nation
  6. The Sadness
  7. Woeful Warriors
  8. The Woebegone Tribe
  9. Crestfallen Crew
  10. Sad Beautiful Tragic: named after the song by Taylor Swift
  11. Gang of Gloom
  12. Broken Hearts Club
  13. The Tears Troupe
  14. Weeping Worriers
  15. The BooHoo Brigade
  16. Heartbreak Hotel: named after the song by Elvis
  17. Resigned to Sadness
  18. The Eeyorish Ones
  19. Summertime Sadness Club: named after the song by Lana Del Rey
  20. Melancholy Matrix
  21. Crushed
  22. On Lonely Street
  23. Forlorn Fellowship
  24. Pessimistic Generation
  25. Ruined
  26. Despondent League
  27. Hopeless United
  28. Defeatist Patrol
  29. Broken
  30. Anguish Alliance
  31. Discouraged Inc.
  32. All Hopes Dashed
  33. Wrecked
  34. Shattered
  35. We’re Devastated
  36. The Ugly Criers Club
  37. Collective Sobs
  38. The Bawling Bunch
  39. Sniffle Society
  40. Storm Clouds Ahead
  41. Legacy of Sobs
  42. The Sulk Squad
  43. Cynicism Anonymous
  44. Glass Half Empty
  45. Inclined to Cry
  46. The Sad Emphasis
  47. Essentially in Tears
  48. Sadness Association
  49. Just Like Eeyore
  50. The Angsty Allstars
  51. Doldrums Division
  52. The Fake Happies: inspired by the Paramore song “Fake Happy”
  53. Unhappiness United
  54. The Glum Gang
  55. Dolorous Disciples
  56. Miserable Company
  57. The Saddest
  58. Everybody Hurts
  59. The Teary Circle
  60. Clan of Emotion
  61. Lachrymose Legion
  62. The Sentimentals
  63. Sulky Generation

How to Create a Great Sad Group Name

Sadness can manifest in many different forms. To create a perfect sad group name, keep the following suggestions in mind:

  • Consider the level of sadness. Sadness can be all-encompassing or on the milder side. Depending on the reason for your group’s decision to choose a sad name, you can brainstorm a list of mildly sad themes or words that convey extreme sadness. Once you have a list, thoughtfully consider which words describe your group or its main goals/reasons for forming.
  • Ask others for ideas. Sadness is a powerful emotion; if you’re choosing a sad group name because you are sad, you may not be feeling creative enough to formulate a name on your own. If you have any friends or family members that are aware of your group, you may want to ask them for suggestions or poll your group members.
  • Put on your best sad playlist. Everyone has one: that playlist you put on when you need a good cry! Play it or browse the tracklist for inspiration. Song titles and lyrics can provide great inspiration for a sad group name.
  • Try to keep it lighthearted, if possible. Sadness is a given in life. We are all going to have sad times, yet the good times will hopefully outweigh them. Choosing a sad-but-sarcastic name can even be oddly uplifting! If you can add a bit of whimsy or humor to your sad group name, perhaps it will bring a smile to your group members and others.