41 Pure Romance Team Name Ideas

Team of Pure Romance consultants discussing their business

Pure Romance is a direct sales company that offers the unique opportunity to run your own business while also teaching women about their health.

Founded by an Ohio woman in her basement in 1993, Pure Romance has grown into a $350 million company![1]

Consultants sell personal care and beauty products with the central goal of “empowering, educating, and entertaining women.”

The company also gives back to the cause of women’s health through founder Patty Brisben’s nonprofit organization.[2]

It’s possible to work alone and sell Pure Romance, but sponsoring new consultants and building a team can provide a sense of community and lead to greater success.

Pure Romance also offers perks for team leaders, like bonuses and buying discounts.[3]

When naming your Pure Romance team, it’s important to choose something that reflects the products you’re selling and your team’s personality.

Choose one of our 40+ ideas below, or scroll past the list for our tips to help you create your own ideas!

  1. Team Bliss
  2. Glam Goddesses
  3. Blossoms[4]
  4. Team Glow
  5. The Diamonds
  6. Les Femmes
  7. Excite & Empower
  8. The Pink Ladies
  9. Leading Ladies[5]
  10. Team Fireworks
  11. Spice Queens
  12. Team Euphoria
  13. Passion & Purpose
  14. The Dream Girls
  15. Pink Magic[4]
  16. Diamond Divas
  17. Team TLC
  18. Educate & Empower
  19. Desirous Dames
  20. The Sparklers
  21. Good Vibes
  22. The Romantics
  23. Dazzling Divas[4]
  24. Team Peachy
  25. GRL PWR[6]
  26. Divine Divas
  27. The Pretty Pack[5]
  28. Platinum Queens
  29. Team Shine
  30. Dazzling Dames[7]
  31. She-Unit[5]
  32. Stilletto Squad
  33. Feisty & Fierce
  34. Wild Hearts[6]
  35. Team Flame
  36. Spice Squad
  37. Wonder Women[5]
  38. The Boss Ladies
  39. The Flirts
  40. Team Luxe
  41. Team Magic[7]

How to Create Your Own Great Pure Romance Team Name Ideas

Team names are motivating, and creating one together with your team can be a lot of fun!

Use the following tips to create a unique and personal name with your Pure Romance team:

  • Choose something that sounds positive and empowering. Pure Romance prides itself on providing education and empowerment to women. Keep your team’s focus on that goal by choosing a name that’s equally positive and empowering.
  • Use alliteration for a catchy name. Using a team name in which all words begin with the same letter will make the name catchy, cute, and easy to remember. Start with one empowering word (like “Goddesses”) and think of a term that begins with the same letter to complete the name (like “Glam” — which creates “Glam Goddesses”).
  • Follow Pure Romance’s rules. Pure Romance doesn’t require you to create a cutesy name for your team — you could just use “Team [Your Last Name]” or another basic moniker. The company doesn’t place many restrictions on team names, either. However, there are certain rules you should follow — for example, not using the “Pure Romance” trademark improperly when promoting your business. You can find the rules in your consultant agreement.
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