53 Pirate Crew Names

Pirate crew names can be based on specific skills, positions, and levels, or they can more generally use pirate-related terminology and humor. Our list features more than 50 names for a band of pirates. Use our tips below the list to create your own pirate crew name if you want something more personal.

  1. InsPIRATEional: a play on “inspirational”
  2. ConsPIRATEcy: a play on “conspiracy”
  3. Carrrry On!
  4. No Holds Barrrred
  5. Under Arrrrest
  6. We’re Bizarrrre
  7. Ahoy Thar!
  8. Hanging in Thar
  9. Bet Your Booty
  10. A Treasure Trove
  11. How Bizarrrre
  12. Looting Off Steam
  13. Shaking a Pegleg
  14. Hook, Line, & Sinkers
  15. The Skeleton Crew
  16. The Think Tankards
  17. Rocking the Boat
  18. Sea No Evil
  19. The SEAnic Route: a play on “scenic route”
  20. Sea Dog Derelicts
  21. The Galley Cats
  22. Plunderful Lives
  23. Open to Coffers
  24. Starboard Squad
  25. We’re Planking Out
  26. Planks For Nothing: a play on “thanks for nothing”
  27. Out of Swords
  28. Knot on Our Watch
  29. White Flag Wavers
  30. Men Overboard!
  31. X Spot Markers
  32. Locker League
  33. Cannon Crew
  34. Poop Deck Posse
  35. The Scallywags
  36. On the Pier
  37. The Swashbuckler Set
  38. Deck Swabbers
  39. The Galley Guild
  40. Landlubber Legacy
  41. Mutiny Force
  42. Buccaneer Bunch
  43. Treasure Map Tactics
  44. Hiding the Loot
  45. Schooner Sailors
  46. Crossbones Community
  47. Skulls Aplenty
  48. The Plank Walkers
  49. Eye Patch Patrol
  50. Off the Hook
  51. Lost at Sea
  52. The Map Matrix
  53. Shivers & Timbers

How to Create a Cool Pirate Crew Name

Your pirate crew name can be funny or tough — either way, you can easily create a cool pirate crew name using the following tips:

  • Get specific. Use names, places, or terms that are meaningful to your crew. Perhaps you’re all from the same city, admire a certain pirate of old, or like the name of a particular ship. Use these commonalities and favorites to give your pirate crew name a personal touch.
  • Use humor. Humor is always a welcome way to create a team name. After all, though a pirate’s life is full of swashbuckling and intimidation, it’s also full of fun and adventure! Pirate-related terms can be funny themselves or you can add a funny word or phrase to a common term to make it comedic. It will keep your crew in stitches.
  • Study pirate jargon and history. The way pirates are known to speak, as well as the history of well-known pirates, make great inspirations for crew names. Many of the names on our list above use pirate jargon like “arrrrr” and “scallywag.” Originality is key to a unique pirate crew name, so take these terms and make them your own with alternate spellings or by combining several words.
  • Stick with a nautical theme. Where can you usually find a pirate hanging out? On their ship, of course! If you want a cool pirate name that isn’t too specific to pirates, go for a more generally nautical theme. Use words related to boating and aquatic life, like “knot,” “sail,” “mast,” or “squall.” This will allow you a variety of moods to choose from, too; pick something cutesy like naming your crew after an adorable sea creature, or get inspiration from something intense like tumultuous seas.