83 Math Team Names and Group Chat Names

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Even during prehistoric times, our ancestors had a general, abstract sense of math, like knowing the difference between one animal and a herd of seven.

The earliest evidence of math is found in bones, which were carved with straight lines for counting and tallying.[1]

Today, basic math is essential for daily activities like paying bills, taking stock of the pantry, arriving at places on time, filing taxes, and receiving paychecks.

For some people, math is much more critical to their day-to-day lives and work, like those in finance, statistics, data science, and engineering.[2][3]

Math-related team and group chat names can be fun or serious.

If you don’t find a math group name from our list that fits your group, see our tips below the list to create your own.

  1. Common Factors
  2. The Equations
  3. Ascending Alliance
  4. Common Multiples
  5. We’re Even
  6. The Limit Does Not Exist[4]
  7. We’re Odd
  8. Greater Than Zero
  9. A Fraction Ahead[5]
  10. Less Than Zero
  11. The Calc-oholics[6]
  12. The Denominators
  13. Live Free or Pi Hard
  14. Math Pi-rates[7]
  15. Fraction Force
  16. The X-ecutors[6]
  17. Numerator Nation
  18. Pi Are Squared[5]
  19. Descending, Inc.
  20. Pi-oneers[4]
  21. Negative Numbers
  22. The Exponents[8]
  23. Multiplication Matrix
  24. We Like Pi[8]
  25. Accuracy Allstars
  26. Calculus Clan
  27. Algebros[4]
  28. In the Curve
  29. The Order of Operations[6]
  30. The Critical Values
  31. Double Root Disciples
  32. Sine of the Times[4]
  33. Exponent Guild
  34. Interior Angles
  35. The Pi-thons[4]
  36. The Integers
  37. Linear Legacy
  38. Seven Sines:[5] using “sines” in place of “sins”
  39. Midpoint Matrix
  40. Odd Number Order
  41. Trig Troupe[7]
  42. Quotient Rules
  43. Ratio Riders
  44. The Fractionaters[8]
  45. The Remainders
  46. Rhombus Rebels
  47. Root to Success[6]
  48. Infinity, Inc.
  49. Number Ninjas[4]
  50. Clockwise Circle
  51. Solution Society
  52. Ratio Union
  53. Solve for X[5]
  54. Subset Association
  55. Trigonometry Tribe
  56. Divide and Conquer[4]
  57. Zero Slope Gang
  58. Triple Root Patrol
  59. Wavelength Warriors
  60. Three Mathsketeers[5]
  61. Vertex Fellowship
  62. Three Dimensions
  63. Parallel Planes
  64. Mathmagicians[5]
  65. The Numbers
  66. Feed Us Pi[4]
  67. Obtuse Angles
  68. Partial Sums Society
  69. Linear Combinations
  70. The Theorems
  71. Symmetric Properties
  72. Team Times
  73. Trapezoids Rule
  74. Astute Acutes[4]
  75. Subtraction Squad
  76. The Graph Gang
  77. Brilliant Brains
  78. What’s Your Sine?[5]
  79. The Rational Numbers
  80. Spatial Thinkers
  81. Numerical Nation
  82. The Challengers
  83. So Obtuse[4]

How to Create a Great Math Team Name

Use the following tips to create your own great math-related team or group name:

  • Start with math terms. Math is a wide-ranging subject of study, meaning that there are many common and unique math terms available. An internet search for “math terms” or “math terminology” will give you access to a variety of lists you can peruse to find an excellent math team name. Use the term on its own or add a descriptive word (like “gang” or “brigade”) to it to make the perfect name for your team.
  • Think about your group members. While using math-related terminology is probably the easiest way to come up with an appropriate name, you can get inspiration from the group itself, too. Consider your team members and words that you’d use to describe them individually or collectively. Again, a single word may work, or a short phrase may be more to your liking.
  • Name your group after your favorite type of math problem. Find unique ways to describe your favorite type of mathematical problem (or, alternatively, your least favorite). Add some alliteration or humor to your math team name to keep it fun — for example, our list’s suggestion of “Subtraction Squad.”
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