53 Funny Healer Names

Our funny healer names are general healing-themed options appropriate for DC Universe games or any time you want a healer-inspired name. If you want to create your own funny healer name, we also have some tips below the list to help get your creativity flowing.

  1. TheCure
  2. RogueRepairs
  3. WhatAHealing: a play on “what a feeling”
  4. GottaHealing
  5. TimeToHeal
  6. Heal&Deal
  7. HealingFrenzy
  8. FreeRangeHealing
  9. AtomicHealing
  10. HealingThreshold
  11. CentralHealer
  12. TraceHealers
  13. KillMeHealMe
  14. HealerGoals
  15. AlphaHealer
  16. Won’tStopHealing
  17. BingeHealer
  18. DisorderlyHealer
  19. Can’tFightThisHealing: a play on “can’t fight this feeling”
  20. HealingAttitude
  21. Can’tStopTheHealing
  22. HealingEssence
  23. WitchDoctor
  24. MedicineMan
  25. MedicineWoman
  26. LeadingLight
  27. TheHealMaster
  28. HealingThisWay
  29. CelestialHealing
  30. SelectiveHealing
  31. AllYouCanHeal
  32. HealersAnonymous
  33. SolarHealing
  34. DieAnotherDay: reference to the James Bond film
  35. NeverSayDie: reference to the Black Sabbath album or “Goonies” motto
  36. DoctorStrange: reference to the Marvel superhero character
  37. MiracleMaker
  38. HealingEnergy
  39. MysteryHealer
  40. LiveFreeDieHard: reference to the fourth “Die Hard” film
  41. HealOrDieTryin’: reference to “Get Rich or Die Tryin'”
  42. MillionWaysToHeal
  43. HealWithAVengeance
  44. TodayYouHeal
  45. GoodDayToHeal
  46. TheHealingPlace
  47. HereForHealing
  48. HealMeIfYouCan: reference to “Catch Me if You Can”
  49. SuddenHealing
  50. FixerUpper
  51. RecoveryRebel
  52. TriageTroupe
  53. MedicMaster

How to Create Funny Healer Names

Create funny healer names using the following tips:

  • Think of movies with healing-related themes and titles. Movies are a great source to find inspiration for funny healer names. You may want to use the title as it is. You can also make changes to it or use just a portion of it in your name. Making changes to the title will help you form a more unique name, so get creative!
  • Use your first name and add a descriptive word to it. You may want to give your healer name a personal edge by using your name or nickname in it. Easily accomplish this by adding a word like “healer,” “doctor,” or “medic” to your name. For example, if your name is Archie, your healer name could be Archie’sAlphaHealers.
  • Create a funny healing-themed phrase or pun from a common phrase or word. Puns are typically amusing and reasonably easy to create. Jot down some common medically-themed words or phrases that might be easily converted into a humorous phrase. Your funny healer name can be as comical and strange as you want it to be.