47 Detective Team Names

Detective stories have been around since Edgar Allan Poe published “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” in 1841.[1] From Holmes and Watson to Stabler and Benson, detective teams throughout history have proven that people can accomplish great things when working together!

Detective team names are perfect for murder mystery nights or whenever you want to add a hint of intrigue to your team name. Inspiration is more wide-ranging than you’d expect, too; detectives in the real world cover fields ranging from the classic homicide investigations to high-tech cybercrimes.[2]

Our list has a great range of detective team name options, or see our tips below the list to create your own.

  1. Sherlock’s Circle
  2. Marple’s Matrix
  3. The Prime Suspects
  4. CSI:(your town name)[3]
  5. Death Becomes Us[3]
  6. Fingerprint Force
  7. Team Scotland Yard
  8. Magnified
  9. Sleuth Society
  10. Cereal Killers[3]
  11. The Super Sleuths[3]
  12. Looking for Clues
  13. Double Jinx
  14. Invisible Intruders
  15. Shadow Secrets
  16. Private Eye Posse
  17. The Informers
  18. Spy Game
  19. Hidden Clues
  20. Top Secret!
  21. Spies in Disguise
  22. Decoder Division
  23. Espionage Experts
  24. Scheming Supervillains
  25. Never Outwitted
  26. Network of Deception
  27. The Sneakers
  28. In the Shadows
  29. Conspiring Forces
  30. Undercover
  31. Suspense Sequence
  32. The Amateurs
  33. Hunting for Clues
  34. Sabotage
  35. Look Alive!
  36. The Bounty Hunters
  37. Curious Minds
  38. Secret Service Inc.
  39. Arsenic & Lace
  40. Killer Content
  41. Cloak & Dagger
  42. Christie’s Crew
  43. Framed
  44. In Disguise
  45. Stake-Out Squad
  46. Background Check
  47. The Truth Seekers

How to Create a Great Detective Team Name

Create a mysterious detective team name using the following tips:

  • Use your favorite detective book or TV series for inspiration. Whether your favorite sleuth is Nancy Drew, Sherlock, or Stephanie Plum, a great team name can be found by using a name, quote, or other identifying fact or feature of your favorite. You can be creative as you like.
  • Create a detective-related acronym. Take a short word you want to use as your team name and assign a detective-themed word to each letter to complete your acronym. For example, the word CLUES could become Crimes Leave Us Ever Searching.
  • Think of terms and phrases that your favorite detectives use. Virtually any word or short phrase can become a great team name. Get creative with a word or short phrase that your favorite detective is known for.
  • Titles of movies and books can become great team names. You can use the original title as your team name, or change it up to suit your team by using a single word from the title and adding a different descriptive word or two.