77 Design Team Names

The art of design influences many aspects of our daily lives, and it goes back centuries. Humans began creating clothing between 100,000 and 500,000 years ago;[1] architectural design dates back to prehistoric times;[2] cave paintings are even considered the earliest form of graphic design![3]

Whether interior, on the web, in fashion, or elsewhere, good design enriches our experience. If you’re on a design team at school or work, you deserve a name that reflects your projects’ taste, skill, and creativity.

Below, we have more than 70 design team names to choose from, plus tips to help you create more options on your own.

  1. Aesthetically Inclined
  2. The Sophisticates
  3. Creative Visions
  4. With Influence
  5. Idea Masters[4]
  6. Defined
  7. Faux Elements
  8. In Harmony
  9. The Concept Lab[4]
  10. Stars Aligned
  11. Balanced
  12. Ultimate Interiors: appropriate for an interior design team
  13. Niche Network
  14. Pencil Sketches
  15. The Retro Ones
  16. Graphica[5]
  17. Decorative Elements
  18. Mood Board Brigade
  19. Pixel Posse: appropriate for a digital design team
  20. Designer Concepts
  21. Alpha Creative[4]
  22. Symmetrical Squad
  23. The Thirds Rule
  24. Complementary Colors
  25. Visual Tension
  26. Gradient Shifts
  27. Concept Squad[6]
  28. RGB Mode
  29. Creative Accents
  30. Metallic
  31. Next Level
  32. Grayscale Group
  33. Apex
  34. Bold
  35. The Creeps
  36. Essential Impact
  37. On the Grid
  38. Justified
  39. Union Design[5]
  40. Letterpress Legacy
  41. Missing Links
  42. For Inspiration
  43. The Color Schemers
  44. No Shortcuts!
  45. Ragged Edges
  46. Unity
  47. Linear Legion
  48. Designage[5]
  49. Vivid
  50. No Limits
  51. Reflections
  52. Degrees of Detail
  53. The Elite
  54. Conjure[5]
  55. Designs in Motion
  56. Connect the Dots
  57. Prestige
  58. Red Ink
  59. Epic Ideas
  60. Pivot!
  61. The Visionaries
  62. Upscale Image
  63. Just Like Magic
  64. No Rules
  65. Luxe
  66. With Visuals
  67. Blank Canvas
  68. Unconventional
  69. Imagination Group
  70. Design Galaxy
  71. Authentic
  72. The Design Heroes
  73. Emphasis
  74. Graphics Gurus
  75. Thrive
  76. Creative Path
  77. Design Destiny

How to Create Good Design Team Names

Creating a design team name might be the right option for your team if you want something more personal that reflects each member. Keep the following tips in mind while brainstorming:

  • Think of your favorite element(s) of design. You’re probably familiar with the basic elements of design — color, texture, space, scale, etc. — and going back to these basics can be an excellent way to find the perfect team name. Reference the element itself or make a shortlist based on it; if you love color, for instance, make a list of your favorite colors or color combinations.
  • Consider your team’s style. Does your team favor retro designs, or are their sensibilities ultra-modern? Even if you don’t reference a particular style directly, you can use your team’s style as inspiration for your name. For example, a retro-influenced team might get its name from a vintage typeface or a popular color from a past era, such as sage green.
  • Choose a name with a message. Whether your team works directly with clients to create custom designs or takes on assigned projects, your name can send a message to those who will view your work. Words like “upscale” or “classic” will give an idea of what people can expect from your work before they even see it.
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