43 Charity Team Name Ideas

Whether you’re participating in a charitable walk, bake sale, or another fundraiser or just creating a local non-profit organization, choosing a great name can help bolster the community spirit and give your fundraisers more motivation to work hard for the cause. Below, we have more than 40 name ideas for charity groups. We also give tips for creating your own charity name.

  1. Change Makers
  2. The Change Club
  3. Heart and Sole
  4. Guardian Angels
  5. The Life Savers
  6. Walking for Warriors
  7. Miles for Miracles
  8. Worthy Walkers
  9. The Caring Club
  10. Fortune Found
  11. Sole Mates
  12. Marching Towards a Cure
  13. We Are Family: referencing the song from Sister Sledge
  14. Just Giving
  15. Miles for a Cause
  16. Donation Nation
  17. Better Days Collective
  18. Difference Makers
  19. Walking for a Cause
  20. Gratitude Group
  21. Grateful Walkers
  22. Walking in Gratitude
  23. All in the Family: referencing the TV show from the 1970s
  24. Fortune Fund
  25. Walk-a-holics
  26. Time for Change
  27. The Givers
  28. Walk for a Change
  29. [Person’s Name]’s Heroes
  30. Donation Masters
  31. Grateful Fam
  32. The Giving Group
  33. The Solvers
  34. Just a Vision on a Mission
  35. Masters of Donation
  36. Better Together
  37. Pocket Change
  38. Hope for the Future
  39. Got Hope?
  40. Grateful Giving
  41. Hopeful Hearts
  42. In This Together
  43. Too Inspired to Be Tired

How to Create a Good Charity Team Name

Charity group names can be directly related to your fundraising effort or just more generally hopeful. When choosing your team name or generating ideas other than those on our list, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What is my cause?” Your group name doesn’t necessarily need to directly reference the cause itself if you’re just a participant in a fundraising event. However, if you’re creating an organization, it’s crucial to quickly and clearly convey the purpose of your group.
  • “How do I want my name to sound?” Do you want your name to sound very official and academic, or would you prefer something more casual and inspiring? The answer to this question might be obvious based on your reason for needing a name, but if you’re struggling to decide, try listing a few options with different tones to see which you like best.
  • “What is my activity/event?” If you’re creating a walking group or similar for a one-time activity or event, your name will be much different than if you are creating a community organization from the ground up. Make sure your name is appropriate for your activity, and you can even get inspiration from the event, as seen in your list’s “Heart and Sole” (a walking team name).

Regardless of your answers to these questions, the name you choose should be positive, welcoming, and easy to understand. If naming an organization or event, you’ll also want to consider the acronym, as people will be more likely to want to shorten your name (especially if it is more than a few words long).