61 Youth Choir Name Ideas

Youth choirs are typically uplifting and contemporary. Choose a group name for your youth choir that is reflective of the feeling the songs evoke in both group members and listeners alike. Below is our list of youth choir names; some helpful hints for creating your own name follow the list.

  1. Foundation
  2. Crossroads Collective
  3. With Purpose
  4. On Common Ground
  5. Anchored
  6. Celestial
  7. Soul Emphasis
  8. Pinnacle
  9. Inclusion
  10. 2:7: reference to Colossians 2:7, a Bible passage about planting your roots in Christ
  11. Everyday Life
  12. Impact Initiative
  13. Summit Scene
  14. With Diligence
  15. Adoration
  16. Transcend
  17. Resilient
  18. Unwavering
  19. Determined
  20. Steadfast
  21. Momentous
  22. Ultimate Reality
  23. Riveted
  24. Steady Sound
  25. Innovation
  26. Soul Vision
  27. Testify
  28. We Profess
  29. Jubilation
  30. Victory
  31. Exultation
  32. Triumph
  33. Soul Bliss
  34. On Cloud Nine
  35. Let It Shine
  36. Always Rejoicing
  37. Kindness Krew
  38. Aspiration
  39. Faith Force
  40. Empowered
  41. Lasting Faith
  42. Answered Prayers
  43. Bright Lights Shine
  44. Rescued
  45. Safeguard
  46. Long to Worship
  47. Joy Givers
  48. Faith Journey
  49. Salvation Squad
  50. Proclamation
  51. Set Free
  52. Forgiven
  53. Storm Shelter
  54. Unafraid
  55. In His Armor
  56. Quiet Place
  57. Working Together
  58. Hearts Lifted
  59. With Purpose
  60. Never Forsaken
  61. Covenant Keepers

How to Create a Youth Choir Name

The best youth choir names should be age-appropriate and convey hope and inspiration. Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a name for your choir:

  • Consider the age range of the group. The younger the singers, the more lighthearted and cute the name can be.
  • Stick with contemporary words and themes. Since the group is made up of young singers, a name that uses casual, common language will be more appealing than names with formal language, traditional language, or jargon.
  • Research favorite Bible verses for inspiration. Many youth choirs are religious or church-based; if yours is, you can use Bible verses for inspiration.
  • Think about the lyrics of favorite songs or hymns and get creative! Take a few words from your favorite line in a song, or modify a song title to suit your choir group. Group members can even suggest favorite lyrics, song titles, or hymns for inspiration and vote on their favorite names!
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