57 Wine Tasting Club/Group Names

Wine glasses lined up on a table for a wine tasting

Wine is a centuries-old beverage; the oldest winery yet to be discovered dates back to around 4100 BC, and wine grapes have been grown on every continent except Antarctica![1]

If you want to become a true expert in wine, you’ll need quite a lot of education and practice. In the history of the Master Sommelier Diploma, which dates back around 50 years, only about 260 people have passed the examination.[2]

Wine tasting groups are great for those with a more casual interest or who are beginning to build their knowledge as a step toward becoming a trained sommelier.

Generally, wine tasting club names are all about fun, giving your group a reminder to look forward to the time you’ll spend sampling wine and enjoying each other’s company.

Our list has a variety of options, or you can use our tips following the list to create a unique wine tasting group name.

  1. The Cork Dorks
  2. Tannins Tactics
  3. Make Us Pucker
  4. Aroma Alliance
  5. Vintner Nation
  6. Spectrum of Senses
  7. Balthazar Bunch
  8. The Sauvignon Set
  9. In the Cellar
  10. Brix Measures
  11. The Cellar Rats
  12. Been Corked
  13. Merlot Matrix
  14. Petit Verdot Patrol
  15. Always Quaffable
  16. The Wine Thieves
  17. It’s Wine O’Clock
  18. Collective Corkscrews
  19. Still Vertical
  20. Unicorn Union
  21. In the Barrel
  22. We’re Crushed
  23. Tainted Corks
  24. Funky Force
  25. Attributes of Intensity
  26. Bretty Nuances
  27. Disjointed Flavors
  28. Falling Into Coherence
  29. A Peculiar Vintage
  30. Favorable Flintiness
  31. Grippy Textures
  32. Jammy Zins
  33. Shiraz Style
  34. A Lush Legacy
  35. Steely Gris
  36. Rieslings Gone Rogue
  37. Angular & Austere
  38. Fruity Floaters
  39. Sediment Squad
  40. The Blanc Brigade
  41. Pseudo Sommeliers
  42. Blanc Looks Legion
  43. In Pour Taste
  44. The Wine Down Club
  45. The Sipranos
  46. Rieslings To Be Cheerful
  47. Life Is Grape
  48. You Sip I Sip
  49. Hakuna Moscato
  50. The Winosaurs
  51. Making Pour Choices
  52. The Fine Wines
  53. Wine Not?
  54. Just Wining Down
  55. On Cloud Wine
  56. Reading Between the Wines
  57. Sip, Sip, Hooray!

How to Create Your Own Wine Tasting Group Name

Wine tasting clubs range from casual groups with a social focus to serious sommelier collectives, so wine tasting group names are broad in style.

If none of the options on our list above fit your group perfectly, create a wine tasting group name using the following tips:

  • Think of your favorite wines. Your group may have a favorite winery, wine type, or wine brand that you can incorporate into your wine tasting group name. If the group can’t decide on just one word, try out a combination of several words.
  • Use wine’s own unique jargon. Show off your group’s expertise by choosing words that relate to the creation and study of wine directly and including them in your team name. This will be easiest if your group members are long-time wine enthusiasts and can contribute ideas, but you can also look up a wine glossary online to get ideas. Some examples include “aeration” (adding oxygen), “barrique” (large oak wine barrel), or “ullage” (the empty space left after wine evaporates).
  • Use quotes or phrases for inspiration. Words found in wine-related quotes or sayings may make great team names. Authors and public figures ranging from the poet John Keats to the country singer Kenny Chesney have mentioned wine in their works — with a bit of searching, you can find hundreds of options! Look up some wine phrases and puns and see if you find anything that interests your group.