67 Food-Themed Cooking Team Names

Food isn’t just essential for life, but also an art to those who perfect their cooking skills. Below, we list more than 60 food-themed names for cooking teams. If the perfect team name for you doesn’t appear, see our tips below the list to create your own cooking team name.

  1. The Impastas
  2. Woking Your Way
  3. Whistle While We Wok

  1. The Limp Briskets
  2. Simmer!
  3. It’s Our Jam

  1. Donut Give Up
  2. On the Flipside
  3. Gettin’ Figgy With It

  1. The Lentil Things
  2. Melted Marshmallows
  3. French Toast Nation

  1. Burnt Toast
  2. Pasta La Vista, Baby!
  3. Al Dente Derelicts

  1. Basmati Brigade
  2. The Moldy Cheese
  3. Couscous Crew

  1. Fermented Force
  2. Kombucha Krazed
  3. Braised Brigade

  1. Parsnip Posse
  2. Running Out of Thyme
  3. The Munchies

  1. Stop, Guac, & Roll
  2. The Thyme of Our Life
  3. Bacon Us Crazy

  1. Always Making Thyme
  2. Roux Rebels
  3. Let’s Roll!

  1. Kimchi & Bean Paste
  2. Paprika Patrol
  3. Team Turmeric

  1. Freshly Chopped
  2. Pumpkin Spice Society
  3. Serious Relation Chips

  1. Weekly Meatings
  2. Lettuce Celebrate!
  3. The Whole Enchilada

  1. One in a Melon
  2. The Tastemakers
  3. A Great Matcha

  1. We Will Wok You
  2. Two to Mango
  3. Boom! Roasted

  1. The Home Skillets
  2. The Spice Girls
  3. Hopeless Ramen-tics

  1. The Sauté Squad
  2. The Boilers
  3. Skillet Masters

  1. Cast Iron Bandits
  2. It’s Fryday!
  3. On the Chopping Block

  1. We’ve Got the Beet
  2. The Grapeful Guild
  3. Must Romaine Calm

  1. The Biggest Flans
  2. Plated & Posh
  3. Just the Wurst

  1. Smartichokes
  2. Dissing a Brie
  3. Mint to Be

  1. Kitchen Confidential: In honor of Anthony Bourdain
  2. Lil’ Sweet Teas
  3. Getting Oolong
  4. Blurred Limes

How to Create Your Own Food-Themed Team Name

Create your own food/cooking team name with the following tips:

  • Start with things that you know. List types of foods, cooking techniques, and any other food-related knowledge you have that may work for a food-themed team name. You can name the team after your favorite thing to cook, the first technique you learned, or a dish that inspires you. If you are a novice when it comes to food or have trouble creating your list, a simple online search for cooking methods or recipes will bring up a vast amount of information.
  • Search vintage cooking terms. If you’re interested in a less common food-themed team name, researching old-fashioned cooking terms, vintage cookware, and old recipes may uncover some lesser-known phrases that would make a unique team name. This can provide funny team names, too, since some vintage recipes seem strange to the modern palate.
  • Use cooking techniques and descriptions. You may find an interesting word or phrase if you browse through the methods and explanations of how to perform the various processes in cooking. If you and your team are skilled at a particular technique, you may want to use it as your food-themed team name’s focus.