77 Sorority Family Names

Sororities provide a sense of community, lasting friendships, opportunities to make an impact on campus and in the world, and networking for your career.[1]

As part of a sorority family, you’ll be in great company! Notable sorority alumni include Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren, Lucy Liu, Carrie Underwood, and Kate Spade, among others.[2]

Sorority family names are typically based on a favorite thing that the members have in common, a trait they share, or something they all like. Find more than 70 suggestions on our list, or if you want to create your own sorority family name, we offer some helpful tips below.

  1. Celestial Family
  2. Latte Family
  3. Modern Family: reference to the TV show of the same name
  4. Stellar Family
  5. Friends Family: reference to the TV show of the same name
  6. Heavenly Family
  7. Wild Mustang Family
  8. Ethereal Family
  9. Austen Family: reference to Jane Austen
  10. Magic Family
  11. Heroic Family
  12. Glam Family
  13. Zebra Family
  14. Pink Cupcake Family
  15. Candy Family
  16. Tiara Family
  17. Sassy Pandas Family
  18. Lavender Dragonflies Family
  19. Snazzy Family
  20. Feisty Flamingo Family
  21. Gilmore Family: reference to Gilmore Girls
  22. Royal Family
  23. Cheeky Family
  24. Leopard Family
  25. Tiger Family
  26. Addams Family: reference to the TV/movie franchise of the same name
  27. Dragon Family
  28. Calico Cat Family
  29. Disney Family
  30. Polka Dot Family
  31. Crimson Ladybug Family
  32. Powder Puff Family
  33. Rebel Butterfly Family
  34. Puffin Family
  35. Snow Owl Family
  36. Lucky Charm Family
  37. Divine Family
  38. Peachy Family
  39. Enchanted Family
  40. Charming Family
  41. Potter Family: reference to Harry Potter
  42. Granger Family: reference to Harry Potter
  43. Elite Family
  44. A-List Family
  45. Beau Monde Family: fashionable
  46. Pearson Family: reference to This Is Us
  47. Seahorse Family
  48. Penguin Family
  49. Cullen Family: reference to Twilight
  50. Swan Family: reference to Twilight
  51. Fantasy Family
  52. Tinker Bell Family: reference to Peter Pan
  53. Pixie Dust Family
  54. Chameleon Family
  55. Hummingbird Family
  56. Shadow Family
  57. Brown-Eyed Family
  58. Pastel Family
  59. S’mores Family
  60. Ginger Family
  61. Besties Family
  62. Grey Family: reference to Grey’s Anatomy
  63. Wildflower Family
  64. Sunflower Family
  65. Poppy Family
  66. Adventure Family
  67. Reliable Family
  68. Blonde Family
  69. Zealous Family
  70. Self-Confident Family
  71. Ambitious Family
  72. Unique Family
  73. Brunette Family
  74. Optimistic Family
  75. Ambitious Family
  76. Odyssey Family
  77. Blessings Family

How to Create a Great Sorority Family Name

Create the perfect name for your sorority family with the following tips:

  • Movies, books, and TV shows offer many inspirations. Everyone has favorite movies, books, and TV shows. To create a team name with your favorite, you can use titles, first or last names of favorite characters, or even places where your favorite books and shows take place. Keep in mind that your choices should represent something about you and your “family” members.
  • Incorporate colors and animals into your name. Favorite colors make popular sorority family names. The group’s favorite type of animal is also commonly used in family names. You can use a single color or animal on its own or combine a color name with an animal name for something that will be uniquely yours.
  • Use songs, lyrics, or a favorite catchphrase. Sorority family name inspiration can come by listening to songs and lyrics that are favorites. What do you and your girls sing along to in the car or listen to while getting ready to go out? Just choose a word or two from your favorite song can work as a family name. If you or someone in your group has a catchphrase, it may make a good sorority family name as well. Think out-of-the-box for the most interesting and unique names.