57 Creative Line Names

Sorority and fraternity lines allow you the opportunity to build bonds with fellow new members who join the organization in the same semester.[1]

Your line brothers or sisters will stick by you through your college experience and beyond, supporting you and keeping you in check whenever you need them.[2]

We have more than 50 fraternity or sorority line names below, plus tips to help you brainstorm your own ideas with your line!

Note that in addition to a group line name, you’ll each receive an individual line name, which you might want to match to the theme of your group name.

  1. Cutting Edge
  2. Goddess Guild
  3. Trail Blazers
  4. The New Era
  5. Sequels
  6. Dimensions
  7. Trendsetters
  8. The Heroes/Heroines
  9. Enchantment
  10. The Network
  11. Incredibles[3]
  12. Harmony
  13. Epic
  14. Pinnacle
  15. Optimum
  16. Electric
  17. The Illusionists
  18. Feature Presentations
  19. Cohesive
  20. Monarchy[3]
  21. Enigma
  22. Onyx
  23. Platinum
  24. Center Stage
  25. The Wonder Women
  26. Razor Sharp
  27. Icons[3]
  28. Destiny Foreseen
  29. Ambition
  30. Red Alert
  31. Legends[3]
  32. The Enigmatic Envoys
  33. Leading Ladies
  34. Transformers[3]
  35. Leading Men
  36. Notorious
  37. Best of the Best[3]
  38. Pathfinders
  39. Innovators
  40. Elite[3]
  41. Groundbreakers
  42. Motivation
  43. Impact[3]
  44. Masterminds
  45. Alliance[3]
  46. Collective[3]
  47. Influence[3]
  48. Fusion[3]
  49. Alliance[3]
  50. Foundation[3]
  51. Ricochet
  52. Full Effect[3]
  53. Steadfast
  54. Unlimited[3]
  55. Encore
  56. Incognito
  57. Zenith[3]

How to Create Your Own Creative Line Names

Create your own creative group line names using the following tips:

  • Find a descriptive word that fits your group and add the number of members to it. For example, you might wish to convey that your group always goes above and beyond, so a word like “optimum” may work well for your group. If your group has 13 members, then your group name could be Optimum 13. Get creative!
  • Get inspiration from a movie or book title. Your group of 16 might choose a popular franchise like “Fifty Shades” or “Fast and Furious,” creating names like 16 Shades of Elegance or Fast 16. Choose something that suits the vibe of your members. You can even have each member submit an option and put the final choice to a vote.
  • Create an acronym from a common word. Choose a familiar word like ambition — you could stylize it as A.M.B.I.T.I.O.N. and create an acronym from it to serve as a motto for your team.