57 Sister Group Names (for Group Chats, etc)

When choosing a sister group name, you’ll want to find a word or phrase that perfectly represents you and your sisters. We have the list of more than 50 name options below — or see our tips for creating your own sister group name after the list.

  1. Sisters Over Misters
  2. Double Trouble
  3. We Are Family
  4. Spirit Twins
  5. Friends for Life
  6. The Confidants
  7. Defenders
  8. Secrets Squad
  9. Sister Sister
  10. Partners in Crime
  11. Tea & Ivy
  12. Perpetual Besties
  13. BFFs Forever
  14. Girls’ Guild
  15. Wildflowers
  16. Butterflies
  17. Tattletales
  18. The Sisterhood
  19. Sunflowers
  20. Yellow Roses
  21. [Last Name] Girls
  22. Daisies
  23. Sunshine & Rainbows
  24. Brown-Eyed Girls
  25. Blue-Eyed Girls
  26. Blondes, Brunettes, & Reds
  27. Pigtail Posse
  28. Barrettes Brigade
  29. Scrunchies Squad
  30. Fairy Lights & Sparkles
  31. Unicorns & Oreos
  32. The Dreamers
  33. Enchanted
  34. Tickled Pink
  35. French Braid Brigade
  36. The Glam Girls
  37. Invincible
  38. Band of Mermaids
  39. The Nightingales
  40. Like Magic
  41. Dolphins & Seahorses
  42. Sugar & Spice
  43. Victorious
  44. Diary Defense
  45. Dandelion Bouquets
  46. Skinned Knees Club
  47. Grilled Cheese Bunch
  48. Hugs All Around
  49. The Sneaky Sisters
  50. Glitter & Glue
  51. Sunscreen & Flip Flops
  52. Campfire Memories
  53. Iced Coffee Crew
  54. Latte Legacy
  55. Forgiveness & Stuff
  56. Raindrops & Raincoats
  57. Sidekick Sisterhood

For more ideas, see the “Sibling” section of our list of family group names.

How to Create an Awesome Sister Group Name

Sisters may be a lot alike or complete opposites. Find or create a team name that celebrates you as individuals and also as a group.

  • List your favorite things. Think about flowers, foods, animals, hobbies — just about anything! Find a way to combine the favorites of you and your sisters or decide on one or two favorite things that you all have in common.
  • Choose a name that describes your features. Your group name could focus on a feature that you and your sisters have in common, such as brown eyes or red hair.
  • Make it personal. Call upon your favorite memories with your sisters for inspiration. Favorite toys, places, and events give sisters a chance to share fond memories; a perfect sister group name may be just waiting to be discovered as well.
  • Be inclusive. To avoid the arguments that sisters are famous for, be sure that each person has a chance to express her opinion about the group name choice. Your group name should be one that all of the sisters love.