169 Cousins Group Name Ideas for Game Night, Group Chats, etc

Cousins can be as close as siblings. If you’re putting together a game night, group chat, or another get-together for your cousins, we have the list of more than 150 group names that can work for you. Below the list, find our tips for creating your own unique cousin group names, too!

  1. Remotely Related
  2. Family Ties
  3. The Kid’s Table
  4. The DysFUNctional Crew
  5. Dime a Cousin
  6. Cousin Chaos
  7. Cousin Catch-Up
  8. Relatively Funny
  9. Sistas from Different Mistas[1]
  10. Ready-Made Friends
  11. Cousin Collective
  12. Brothers from Another Mother[1]
  13. Cosmic Cousins
  14. Kindred Spirits
  15. Crazy Is Relative
  16. The Cuz Crew
  17. Gift for Gab[1]
  18. The Cuz Conference
  19. We R Family
  20. Cousin Counterparts
  21. Kith and Kin: friends and relatives
  22. Built-In BFFs
  23. Cousin Central Station
  24. One Big Chatty Family
  25. The Cuz Hub
  26. Brotherly Harmony[1]
  27. The Equivalents
  28. It’s All Relative
  29. The Daily Cuz
  30. The Mighty Band of Cousins
  31. The Cousins Get It
  32. Family Password Required
  33. Not Just Genetics
  34. Just Like Siblings
  35. It’s Cousin Time
  36. The Cousin Network
  37. Family Central
  38. Distant Relations
  39. Cousins in Cahoots
  40. Cousins With Class
  41. The Bad Apples[2]
  42. Cousins Are Key
  43. Just Like Family
  44. Cousins Are Forever
  45. We Flock Together
  46. First, Second, or Third
  47. Cousins Can Relate
  48. Throw a Rock, Hit a Cousin
  49. Everything Is Relative
  50. Chat Fam
  51. Sharing the Grandparents
  52. Kindred Culture
  53. Equal Generations
  54. Watts Up Cuz[2]
  55. Dozens of Cousins
  56. Cousins in Discussion
  57. Cousins Are for Life
  58. Colossal Cousins
  59. Near & Dear Ones
  60. Cousins Are Cool
  61. Team Family First
  62. Someone Kindred
  63. Family is Everything
  64. Just Cuz[2]
  65. Embracing Family Craziness
  66. Sharing an Ancestor
  67. The Chatter Boxes
  68. Sharing the Family Tree
  69. Two Generations Away
  70. Cousin Concepts
  71. Soul Sisters
  72. Besties for Life
  73. Chatting About the Family
  74. Cousins’ Chatty Connection
  75. Friends for Life
  76. Characteristics in Common
  77. Similar Connections
  78. Our Happy Herd
  79. Family Reunion Crashers[2]
  80. The Inspired Cousins Troop
  81. More Than Family
  82. Friends by Choice
  83. Family Matters
  84. Cousins Are Presents
  85. Family Allies
  86. Grandma’s Favorites[2]
  87. Always Count on Cousins
  88. Crazy Cousins
  89. Obnoxious Together
  90. Sharing Secrets & Schemes
  91. Cousins by Chance
  92. Connected Cousin Squad
  93. Sisters at Heart
  94. Cherishing Our Childhood
  95. Staying Mischievous
  96. Joyous Family Bonds
  97. The Troublemakers[2]
  98. A Cousin Meet-Up
  99. Cousins Equal Fun
  100. Judgement Free Zone
  101. Relatively Nostalgic
  102. Always on Hand
  103. Barometers of Fun
  104. Wonderland of Nostalgia
  105. I Dumble-Adore My Family[2]
  106. The Cousins Clique
  107. Memory Montage
  108. Cousins in Harmony
  109. Keeping in Touch
  110. Our Kindred League
  111. Cell Mates[3]
  112. Family Traditions
  113. Corniest Cousins
  114. Anarchy With The Cousins
  115. Cousins of Mayhem
  116. Relative Pandemonium
  117. Family Laugh Riot
  118. Kindred Cousins
  119. Bloodline[3]
  120. Our Family Priorities
  121. Theory of Relatives
  122. Keeping Family Close
  123. Contentious Cousins: argumentative
  124. The Coolest Cousins
  125. Relatively Sentimental
  126. Universally Chatty Cousins
  127. Loquacious Cousins Crew: talkative
  128. Solving Family Mysteries
  129. Cuz Is There for You
  130. Partners in Crime[3]
  131. Cousin Power
  132. Corroborating Family Stories
  133. Chatting With My Cuz
  134. Family Cuz Brigade
  135. Cousins Are All In
  136. Friendly Cuz Brigade
  137. Commotion-causing Cousins
  138. Family Reunion Collective
  139. The Family History League
  140. Cousins Know All
  141. Family Secret Corroboration
  142. Memories and Chat Messages
  143. Cousins Causing a Ruckus
  144. The Weirdos[3]
  145. Collective Cousins Chatting
  146. The Great Cuz Catch-Up
  147. The Cousin Colony
  148. Cousin Central Station
  149. Typical Cousin Corps
  150. My Cohorts are Cousins
  151. Giggles[3]
  152. The Cousin Category
  153. Comparing Cuz Characteristics
  154. Batch of Crazy Cousins
  155. Chatty Cousin Content
  156. The Family Gabfest
  157. Cousins Coincide
  158. Concurring Cousins: agreeable
  159. Synchronized Cousin Chats
  160. Consistent Cousin Network
  161. Unwavering Cousin Connections
  162. Team Cousin Talk
  163. Chitter-Chattering Cousins
  164. Nostalgic Cousin Reflections
  165. The Cousin Reminiscences
  166. Cousins Reviving the Memories
  167. Recollecting Cousins
  168. Cousins Celebrating Family
  169. Chatty Cousin Greetings

How to Create a Good Cousin Group Name

When creating a group name for cousins, the obvious choice is to use the word “cousin” or “cousins,” along with a few descriptive words that capture the fun and closeness of your relationship. However, you can also go for something a bit more vague, like a reference to family or friends. Are your cousins more like your sisters, or are they casual acquaintances? Be sure the name you choose appropriately reflects your connection.

A couple of other factors will help you decide the best name for your cousin group. Does everyone have the same sense of humor? If you’re all very sarcastic, you can choose a slightly-offensive or snarky name. Do you live in the same state, city, or country? You might consider adding a geographic element to the group name.

The best way to go about finding the perfect name will be to get input from everyone in the group, so share your favorites from our list or ask your cousins to come up with ideas and then take a vote!

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