109 Family Team Names for Game Night/Family Feud

Gathering with your family to play board games, Family Feud, or charades is a wonderful way to spend an evening. To add a competitive edge and extra fun to your family game night, have each team choose a catchy name! Or, adapt these names for your family group chat. We have over 85 ideas for whole-family teams, siblings, and cousins below. Plus, you can scroll below the list to see our tips for creating your own great team name.

Whole Family

  1. FAM-iliar Faces
  2. We Are Family: reference to the Sister Sledge song
  3. Family Matters: reference to the 1990s TV Show
  4. We Are One
  5. Birds of a Feather[1]
  6. Genetics at Work
  7. The [Last Name] Bunch: reference to The Brady Bunch
  8. Where My Heart Is
  9. Circle of Trust
  10. Family Ties: reference to the 1980s TV show
  11. Fantastic Family
  12. Happy Family
  13. Modern Family: reference to the TV Show
  14. Family Club
  15. ABC Family: reference to the TV network now known as Freeform
  16. Kinfolk[2]
  17. Happy House
  18. Full/Fuller House: reference to the TV shows
  19. My Gene Pool[2]
  20. Family Secrets
  21. The Madhouse
  22. Rocking Family
  23. All In the Family: reference to the 1970s TV Show
  24. Strong Ties
  25. My Wife and Kids: reference to the early 2000s TV Show
  26. The Family
  27. Home Sweet Home
  28. The Love Is Real
  29. My Favorite Headaches
  30. My Peeps[2]
  31. Family First
  32. There’s Something in the Genetics
  33. No Diving in the Gene Pool
  34. Reasons I Can’t Sleep
  35. The Meaning of Family
  36. Married With Children: reference to the 1980s/1990s TV Show
  37. Family Knots
  38. HouseFull[2]
  39. Family Time
  40. My People
  41. Game of Phones: a play on the TV show Game of Thrones
  42. Laugh Factory
  43. Dino-Mite Family
  44. Forever Fam
  45. Irritating Family[2]
  46. Forever Dynasty
  47. Through Thick & Thin[1]
  48. Lava My Family
  49. Family Board Members
  50. Nutty Peeps[2]
  51. Bloodline
  52. Connect the Dots[1]
  53. Family Knot
  54. Best Family Ever
  55. Flock Together[1]
  56. Mad House
  57. Cool Family
  58. Our Happy Clan[2]
  59. Good Times
  60. Quizteama Aguilera: a play on the singer Christina Aguilera
  61. Off the Charts Smarts
  62. The Herd[1]


  1. Childhood Roommates
  2. Family Heirlooms
  3. The Kids Table
  4. Sister Act: reference to the 1992 film
  5. The Misfits
  6. Don’t Show Mom
  7. Golden Girls: reference to the TV Show
  8. Sister & Sister(TeamGroupNames.com, “450+ Family Group Names”))
  9. The Sibs
  10. Sibling Dynasty
  11. The Branches[2]
  12. Sibling Rivalry
  13. World of Cousins[2]
  14. Brotherly Love
  15. Fam by Blood, Friends by Choice
  16. The Chatty Ones[2]
  17. Soul Sisters
  18. The Rowdy Ones
  19. Family Reunion Crashers
  20. Sisterhood of the Traveling Texts: a play on The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  21. The Chamber of Secrets: reference to the book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  22. The Weekenders
  23. The [Last Name] 5: reference to the music group The Jackson 5
  24. Sassy Circle
  25. Built-In Besties
  26. Good Vibes[2]
  27. Sibling Love
  28. What Our Parents Don’t Know
  29. The Good Ole Times
  30. Berry Best Cousins
  31. Olive My Cousins: a play on the phrase “I love my cousins”
  32. What’s Up, Cuz?
  33. The Weird Ones
  34. Sibling Signals[2]
  35. Family Clowns
  36. Ladies and the Tramps: reference to the 1955 film Lady and the Tramp
  37. Feisty Females
  38. Best Friends Forever
  39. Sons of Chuck Norris
  40. Universally Challenged
  41. A League of Our Own: a play on the 1992 film A League of Their Own
  42. Les Quizerables: a play on the musical Les Miserables
  43. Sherlock Homies: a play on Sherlock Holmes
  44. Whaddup Cuz[1]
  45. America’s Best Chance
  46. Wisecrackers
  47. Colony of Weirdos[1]

How to Create a Great Family Team Name

As you can see in our list above, the best family team names include a couple of elements: family- or friend-related words and references that everyone in the room will understand. Consider the following tips if you decide to create your own family team name:

  • Use your last name… or don’t. Using your last name as an element of your team name is a simple and obvious way to come up with a name. If your last name sounds like another word, you share it with a famous historical figure, etc., you can easily come up with puns or wordplay inspired by it. However, because this tip is so obvious, you may also want to do the opposite. For a truly unique team name, avoid using your last name altogether — especially if there are a lot of teams that might pick a similar name, such as at a family reunion.
  • Consider who is in your group. Are you on a team with your parents and siblings? Or perhaps you’re paired with your siblings only, or cousins? Considering the people in your group can help guide your team name if you choose to include direct reference’s to the group’s relationship, like “fam,” “cuz,” or “sisters.”
  • Call on pop culture. Is there a sitcom you used to watch with your family? A favorite movie that you and your siblings have watched dozens of times? You can get inspiration from the title, character names, or famous quotes for your team name. This can be particularly fun if you have teams divided along generational lines — you’ll quickly see the differences in favorite films, TV shows, and music.
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