57 Life360 Group Names

Life360 app page shown on a smartphone

Life360 provides location sharing, identity protection, emergency response, and safety resources for families through invite-only Circles and temporary Bubbles.[1][2]

It can even detect major vehicle collisions, provide real-time directions to your family members’ locations, and detect unsafe driving.[3]

Around 85% of Americans own smartphones;[4] if you’re among that number, Life360 can be a helpful tool to keep your spouse and/or family safe and give you peace of mind.

Life360 group names can be humorous, descriptive, and fun. Think about a funny word that describes your family or an inside joke; you may even want to add your last name to your Life360 group name.

Our list includes Circle names for couples and family-friendly options that are appropriate for all ages. We also offer some tips to create your own Life360 group name below the list.

  1. FamilyFirst
  2. Rugrats
  3. The Gene Zone
  4. Following Tracks
  5. Circle of Trust
  6. The Convoy
  7. Clique
  8. Family Coterie
  9. Empowered
  10. Authorized
  11. Entitled
  12. With Permission
  13. The Heirlooms
  14. Kinfolk
  15. This Is Us
  16. En Route
  17. On the Move
  18. Gene Pool
  19. United
  20. Full House
  21. Family Ties
  22. Roots & Branches
  23. Family Tree
  24. Crazy Crew
  25. Family Business
  26. Keep Us Close
  27. Double Trouble
  28. Soulmates
  29. The Opposites
  30. Better Halves
  31. The Eccentrics
  32. Quirky Crew
  33. Madcap Misfits
  34. Mavericks
  35. The Free Spirits
  36. No Trespassing
  37. The Canoodlers
  38. MFEO (Made for Each Other)
  39. Dynamic Duo
  40. On Holiday
  41. Reunion
  42. Checkmates[5]
  43. No Bad Apples[5]
  44. Significant Others
  45. Meant To Be
  46. Skeleton Crew
  47. Rugrats
  48. Family Fun
  49. Growing Pains
  50. Empire
  51. Our Orbit
  52. HappyFam
  53. Entourage
  54. Our World
  55. Kingdom
  56. Gene Realm
  57. Pathway

How to Create Your Own Great Life360 Group Name

Try the following tips to create your own great Life360 group name:

  • Put it to a family vote. Have each family member get creative and come up with a name that they would like for the group. Get together as a family and vote on the favorite. If there are several choices that come out on top, combining them might make a unique name for your group.
  • Think about words that are meaningful to or describe your family. If you want to keep your family group name short and sweet, use a single word to name it. Start with words that describe your family and expand your choices by looking at synonyms of the words on your original list. If your family has a favorite catchphrase or inside joke, find a way to create a group name with it.
  • Look to famous families for inspiration. Think about your favorite family TV shows or even celebrity, historical, or political families. For example, if your inspiration comes from a TV show like Rugrats, use the show’s name or add your family name to it for a more personal touch.