63 Harry Potter Trivia Team Names & Group Names

Hogwarts from the Harry Potter series

Even those who haven’t read Harry Potter have certainly heard of it — after all, it’s the best-selling book series in history![1]

Originally published in 1998, the first book alone has sold more than 100 million copies.[2]

Casting its spell on readers of all ages, the series (along with its movie adaptations) has inspired theme parks, trivia nights, fan conventions, readathons, and more.

Our list of Harry Potter team names features choices that will work for all types of groups — from trivia teams to group chats to gaming teams.

If you’re interested in creating your own Harry Potter team name, you can also see our tips below the list to get started with brainstorming.

  1. Rogue Wizards
  2. Diagon Alley Alliance
  3. The Ollivanders
  4. Wand Warriors
  5. Muggles Matrix
  6. Galleon Guild
  7. Mischievous
  8. Sprout’s Squad
  9. Hogwarts Heroes
  10. Poltergeists
  11. Remembrall Inc.
  12. Red Smoke Society
  13. Fizzing Whizzbees
  14. Centaurs Collective
  15. Quidditch Quest
  16. Broomsticks Bunch
  17. Transfigured
  18. Golden Snitch Seekers
  19. Charming Summoners
  20. Aconite Association
  21. Floo Network
  22. Basilisk Brigade
  23. Turn To Stone
  24. Daily Prophets
  25. Trelawney’s Team
  26. Secret Keepers
  27. Flobberworms
  28. Jelly Slugs
  29. Disillusionment
  30. Trick Biscuits
  31. Heirs of Slytherin
  32. Kneazles
  33. Legilimens
  34. The Moody Eyes
  35. Merpeople
  36. Watchwizards
  37. Zonko’s Jokes
  38. Harry’s Hooligans
  39. Wizengamot Department
  40. Time Turners
  41. Squibs
  42. Elfish Welfare Association
  43. Salamanders
  44. Temporarily Invisible
  45. Pepper Imps
  46. Riddikulus Charms
  47. The Gillyweeds
  48. Puking Pastilles
  49. Ravenclaw Residents
  50. Obliviators
  51. Nox Nation
  52. Hagrid’s Dragons
  53. Cho Chang’s Comets
  54. Nargles
  55. Nifflers
  56. Kappa Krew
  57. Everlasting Fire
  58. Bewiched
  59. The Gurg Guild
  60. Kwikspell Coalition
  61. Gobstones Inc.
  62. Vicious Chimaera
  63. Cockroach Clusters

How to Create a Great Harry Potter Team/Group Name

With multiple books, films, games, and spin-offs to use for inspiration, there are hundreds of possibilities when creating a Harry Potter team or group name.

Keep the following tips in mind as you brainstorm:

  • Get inspiration from Harry Potter’s mythology and terminology — or create your own. Harry Potter takes place in a world of wizards and magic, and a long list of terms was created just for the series. Look over these terms and their meanings and find one that your team loves, or see if you can create a new Harry Potter-inspired phrase (like a magical spell) that is entirely yours.
  • Combine several of your favorite Harry Potter words. Choose some of your favorite words and names from Harry Potter and make changes to them or string them together to create a unique name. You can combine several words to create a personalized one-word name or start with Harry Potter-related terms and then add a random descriptor to create a new phrase.
  • Use a character name to lead your team. If you have a favorite Harry Potter character, name your team after them. For example, Harry’s Hooligans is one option. The more obscure the name you choose, the more unique your team name will be, so consider choosing a minor character that made a lasting impression on you.