57 Hackathon Team Names

Hackathons vary significantly in focus. You might be instructed to use a specific programming language or create an application for a particular purpose. Some events have the simple goal of creating functional software by the end, giving teams full creativity over their project’s features and goals.

Curious when the largest hackathon ever took place? A September 2019 hackathon in Russia had 3,245 participants — the largest ever recorded by Guinness World Records![1]

The award for the most unusual probably goes to The Stupid Hackathon — where “participants conceptualize and create projects that have no value whatsoever,” contrary to the usual mission of creating useful, functional products.[2]

Regardless of the event type, hackathons are an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills, connect with the local tech community, and learn from/collaborate with others with similar skill sets. There’s also a competitive and innovative spirit to these events, meaning your team will need an awesome name to help it stand out.

Hackathon team names are typically cool and creative, featuring pop culture references, technological puns, inside jokes, or confident declarations of programming expertise. Our list features a great range of choices. If you want to create your own unique hackathon team name, we also share some tips below the list.

  1. Smash Hack Gremlins[3]
  2. Terminal Stack[3]
  3. System Zombies[3]
  4. Reboot Rebels[3]
  5. Pings With Things[3]
  6. Access Denied[3]
  7. The Mac Hackers[3]
  8. Pentium Prime[4]
  9. Bit Theory[4]
  10. Hacking Jacks[4]
  11. Brainihacks[4]
  12. Hackatoons[4]
  13. BitRealm[4]
  14. Mind Bogglers[4]
  15. Bug Hunter Squad[3]
  16. Decode Apocalypse[3]
  17. Mechanical Bit Souls[3]
  18. Cyber Command Aliens[3]
  19. Turbo Dynamics Team[3]
  20. Pentium Predators[3]
  21. Hack&Code[4]
  22. Code Raider[4]
  23. Hackstone[4]
  24. XCoders[4]
  25. Need for GIT[4]
  26. Crosshack[4]
  27. Battlehacks[4]
  28. Androids[4]
  29. ByteMe[4]
  30. What the Hack?[4]
  31. Control Freaks[4]
  32. Baby got Byte[4]
  33. Fast-Hack[4]
  34. The Errors[4]
  35. Hackmageddon[4]
  36. Bots with Dots[4]
  37. Rise of the Robots[4]
  38. Code Management[4]
  39. KingPing[4]
  40. No Band Limit[4]
  41. The Megabytes[4]
  42. Java the Bot[4]
  43. Big Bang Coders[4]
  44. Mind Serenade[4]
  45. Angry Nerds[4]
  46. Boolean Pundits[5]
  47. Ode to Code[5]
  48. Debug Thugs[5]
  49. Monster Memory Markup[5]
  50. Virus Vixens[5]
  51. Bright byte Domain[5]
  52. Bootstrap Paradox[5]
  53. The Still Variables[5]
  54. Bug Byte League[5]
  55. Kick Bit Fever[5]
  56. Slick Worminators[5]
  57. Code Stomp[5]

How to Create Cool Hackathon Team Names

Create an awesome hackathon team name using the following tips:

  • Use a familiar technology term and tweak it. Familiar technical terms and short phrases can make great team names. To make it unique, simply add a descriptive word or two or create a nickname for your favorite term. Get creative!
  • Think about a technology-related character in a book or movie. If you have a favorite movie or book that features anything technology-related, try creating a team name with it. You can use character names, words or phrases, locations, or any interesting facts.
  • Choose a team name that describes your team. Hackathon team names don’t always have to be directly related to technology. Instead, you and your team can decide on a word or short phrase that describes you collectively. Some ideas to get you started include your main strengths as a team or something you all have in common.
  • Look up obscure technology-related terms. Sometimes it is fun to create a name from a term that many are unfamiliar with. This adds to the uniqueness of your name and gives others a chance to learn a new term as well!
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