67 Group Names for Four People

Whether you’re a group of four best friends, colleagues, or classmates, our list features groups names for four people that are appropriate for a wide range of activities. Use any one of our 60+ suggestions, or to name your group of four more uniquely, we offer some tips to create your own ideas.

  1. A United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
  2. The Four Seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring
  3. Double Daters: two couples
  4. FOURever Friends
  5. Basic Elements: air, earth, fire, water
  6. The Perfect Foursome
  7. The Four Degrees
  8. Four Calling Birds
  9. Four Beetles: a play on The Beatles, a four-member music group
  10. Four on the Floor: dance music note pattern
  11. Four-ward Motion: a play on “forward motion”
  12. The Four Horsemen
  13. Four Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
  14. Four Directions: north, south, east, west
  15. Four Wise Owls
  16. Fours of Nature: a play on “force of nature”
  17. The Eclectic Quartet
  18. Four Senses
  19. The Fab Four
  20. Fantastic Four
  21. The Four Pillars
  22. The G4: reference to the G4 nations
  23. Four Limbs: legs and arms
  24. Gang of Four
  25. Four Paws Posse
  26. Four Hardcore
  27. The Final Four
  28. Four To Score
  29. The Four Musketeers
  30. Fourth Street Squad
  31. Count of Four
  32. Fourth of Never
  33. Four for the Money
  34. The Four Tops
  35. Quartet Alliance
  36. The Music Margins: four beats
  37. Quad Threat Quartet
  38. The Universal Four
  39. It Takes Four
  40. The Four Towers
  41. Four Sisters
  42. Four After Midnight
  43. Four To Go
  44. Four Shades of Pink
  45. Four Purple Roses
  46. Four Suspects
  47. Fate of Four
  48. Four Too Many
  49. Four in a Million
  50. Four of Us
  51. FOURever Young
  52. Family of Four
  53. The Four Truths
  54. Four Curious Ones
  55. Sisterhood of Four
  56. The FOURest Fairies
  57. Four of Hearts
  58. Four Minute Penalty
  59. Four Sharp
  60. BLACKPINK Cover Band: reference to the four-member K-pop group
  61. Cuckoo’s Nest Four
  62. Rule of Four
  63. Friends Four Real
  64. FOURmation Matrix
  65. Quad Squad Society
  66. Dressed FOURtresses
  67. FOURfront Force

How to Create a Cool Four-Person Group Name

A four-person group name can reference the fact that you have four members, but it doesn’t necessarily need to include “four.” You have plenty of freedom to create the perfect name that matches your group! Create a cool four-person group name using the tips below:

  • Get inspiration from famous quartets. An internet search for “famous groups of four” will provide bands, TV and film characters, game characters, comic book characters, and more groups that include four members. Use the nicknames of these groups for your team, or create your own altered version. For example, our list has “Four Beetles” — a play on The Beatles.
  • If the names of your four group members start with certain letters, create your own acronym. Depending on your names, play with the order and see if you can create a unique acronym for your team. You may even be able to create a word using your initials! Your team name won’t actually have the number four in it, but it will showcase each of your four group members.
  • If you love foreign languages, use a foreign language translation for the number four. If you choose this option, you can either create your full team name in a different language or just use a foreign-language “four” and create the rest of your team name in English.
  • Get inspiration from any movie, book, or song title that begins with a number. If you want your group name to highlight the number four, you can usee the title of any book, movie, or song beginning with a number and replace that number with four.
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