67 Six-Person Group Name Ideas

There are plenty of options for cool and funny six-person group names, from pop culture references to simple plays on the number six. See our list of ideas below, or scroll past the list for tips on how to create your own great six-person group name!

  1. Five Guys and a Fry: a play on the burger and fry restaurant Five Guys
  2. Six Pack
  3. Six Ways to Sunday
  4. Six Pink Warriors[1]
  5. Six on the Beach
  6. Cheaper by the Half-Dozen: a play on Cheaper by the Dozen
  7. Six Million-Dollar Friends: a play on The Six Million Dollar Man
  8. The Six Clique
  9. Sixth Sense
  10. Six in the City: a play on Sex and the City
  11. Six Feet Under
  12. Six Chicks: a reference to the movie 13 Going on 30
  13. Six Songbirds
  14. Six to Infinity[1]
  15. Six Appeal
  16. Six Degrees
  17. The Sixth Dimension
  18. Six Chicks with Kicks[1]
  19. The Page Six Gossips
  20. Secret Six
  21. Six Smiles
  22. The New York Six: a play on the New York Knicks basketball team
  23. Super Six
  24. Sassy Six
  25. Stylish Six
  26. The Sonic Six[1]
  27. Strong Six
  28. Sexy Six
  29. The Power Puff Six[1]
  30. Salty Six
  31. Six Starbursts[1]
  32. Smiling Six
  33. Terrific Six
  34. Six Chicks with Sticks[1]
  35. Spectacular Six
  36. Ridiculous Six
  37. Six Spoons
  38. Legion of Six[1]
  39. Six Sticks
  40. Six Aside
  41. Six Flags
  42. Six Hearts, One Goal: a play on the phrase “two hearts, one home”
  43. Six With Smarts
  44. Four Plus Two
  45. Six Show Stoppers[1]
  46. Hexa-Squad
  47. The Sextet
  48. The Six Blitz[1]
  49. Half a Dozen
  50. Six Single Ladies[1]
  51. Double Trio
  52. Three Pairs
  53. Serendipity Six[1]
  54. The Six of Hearts
  55. Six of Spades
  56. The Six Sides
  57. Six Dreamers[1]
  58. Six of a Kind
  59. Six To Go
  60. Rampage of Six[1]
  61. Sixth Generation
  62. Zone Six
  63. Purplicious Six[1]
  64. The Chaotic Six
  65. Six Peas in a Pod
  66. Six Lil’ Divas[1]
  67. The Collective Six

How to Create a Good Six-Person Group Name

The best six-person group names should, of course, make it immediately obvious that the group includes six people. In addition to getting inspiration from the number six itself, consider the following tips for creating a great group name:

  • Look to history, television, music, and movies. There are plenty of groups of six people to draw inspiration from — or groups of 12, as with our example, Cheaper by the Half-Dozen. Try searching for things like “movies about six people,” “six people history,” or “six-person band.” Note that if you want your name to be totally unique, you can put your own spin on the name rather than using an existing name verbatim.
  • Use your math skills. You can attach “six” to the front of practically any noun to create a group name, but if none of the names that include “six” strike your fancy, consider a play on a multiple of six or the number three. For example, our name idea “Double Trio” references two sets of three, which add up to six.
  • Consider the type of group. A group of friends might want to use a name that includes a word like “squad” or a sarcastic, funny name. However, something like a study group or work-related group chat might need a more serious or family-friendly name.
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