67 Group Names for Five People

Our list of group names for five people is appropriate for all groups, from friends to sports to work or school. If you would like to create your own unique name for your five-person group, we also offer some tips below the list to help you brainstorm.

  1. Four Plus One
  2. Five Ingredients: for a cooking group
  3. The Fivesome
  4. Quint Quota
  5. The Firewall Five: for a tech group
  6. Half Past Five
  7. Pentad People
  8. House of Five
  9. Circle of Five
  10. The Fivers
  11. Quintet Queue
  12. The Core Five
  13. Five Rogue Emojis
  14. The Feisty Five
  15. Fearless Five
  16. Six Minus One
  17. Five Note Symphony: musicians
  18. Sum of Five
  19. Flock of Five
  20. Five Octaves: musicians
  21. Five Counts
  22. Sign of Five
  23. Pentameter Posse
  24. Frugal Five: penny-pinchers
  25. Five Amigos
  26. Count To Five
  27. Half of Ten
  28. Five Free Spirits
  29. The Ladybugs Five: gardeners
  30. Festive Five
  31. The Top Five
  32. Five Alive!
  33. Five by Five
  34. Give Us Five
  35. Flight Five: pilots
  36. Ferocious Five
  37. The Famous Five
  38. Five Festive Friends
  39. Freedom x 5
  40. The Five Knots: military or nautical
  41. Five Favorites
  42. G-Force Five
  43. Five in Focus: a photography group
  44. The Senses Five
  45. Five Bushels
  46. Fortuitous Five
  47. Bond of Five
  48. 5 x Stronger
  49. The Parallel Fifths: musicians
  50. Force of Five
  51. In Fifth Gear
  52. Five Miles From Home
  53. Range of Five
  54. The Five Foodies: love to eat and/or cook
  55. Five Degrees
  56. The Five Stripes
  57. Five Wishes
  58. Five Dozen Roses: flower lovers
  59. Five Year Plan: business or finance
  60. Five Steps Forward
  61. Five Tries
  62. Field of Five
  63. Consecutive Fifths: musicians
  64. Five Whiskers: animal lovers
  65. The Forum Five
  66. Five Macarons: French
  67. The Five Fortunes

How to Create a Group Name for Five People

Create an excellent group name for five people using the following suggestions:

  • Look up words that mean five. More words mean five than just “five” itself. Look up unusual words that mean five and see if you like the way they sound. Using less common words also makes a group name more interesting.
  • Use other languages. All languages have unique words for numbers. Consider using the number five in Spanish, French, German, or any other language that interests you and your team. You may also wish to add a descriptive word to the number — you could use an English word, one in the same language you are using for the number, or even one from a completely different language altogether. Get creative!
  • Make it personal. Just like music groups that add their name in front of number five (The Jackson Five, Ben Folds Five, etc.), you can do the same. Add a last name if all of the group members are in the same family, use the name of your group’s leader, or use a word that the group chooses to describe them or the purpose of the group collectively.
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