63 Group Names for Three People

Whether you need a name for your best friend group, a small work team, or a small group chat, group names for trios can be casual and fun. You’ll probably want the name to reference the number three or a famous trio, but other than that, you have total creative freedom! If you decide to create your own group name instead of using one of the 60+ on our list, see our tips below.

  1. Third Time Lucky
  2. Third Degree Burns
  3. Three’s a Crowd
  4. Snap, Crackle, and Pop: Rice Krispies cereal mascots
  5. The Magi: the three kings visiting Jesus
  6. Three Tenors: singers
  7. The Lion and the Lambs: strong and gentle
  8. Charlie’s Angels: three-character TV and movie franchise
  9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: music trio
  10. The Three Wise Men: from the Bible
  11. Three Amigos
  12. The Three Sisters: in agriculture, a reference to corn, beans, and squash
  13. Past, Present, & Future
  14. Three Blind Mice
  15. The Ghostly Trio: Casper’s brothers
  16. Nirvana: music trio
  17. Three Degrees
  18. Good, Bad, and Ugly: a reference to the Clint Eastwood movie
  19. Powerpuff Girls: cartoon based on three young girls with superpowers
  20. Luke, Leia, and Han: Star Wars
  21. Three French Hens
  22. Golden Trio
  23. Three Musketeers: a historical adventure novel from 1844 and also a candy bar
  24. Harry, Ron, and Hermione: the three main characters in Harry Potter
  25. Three of a Kind
  26. Three Stooges: classic comedy trio
  27. Huey, Dewey, and Louie: Disney characters
  28. Three Thieves
  29. Alvin and the Chipmunks: Alvin, Simon, and Theodore
  30. Three’s Company: a reference to the iconic TV show
  31. Triangle Troop
  32. The Inseparable Three
  33. Family of Three
  34. Alvin, Simon, & Theodore: famous cartoon chipmunks
  35. Triumphant Trio
  36. Triptych Themes: a reference to three-panel artwork
  37. Trinity Connection
  38. Three-Movement Sonatas
  39. The Three Tragedies
  40. Trilogy Association
  41. Three-Part Works
  42. An Epic Trilogy
  43. Three-in-One
  44. Musical Threesome
  45. The Third Degree
  46. Thrice as Nice
  47. The Three Strikes
  48. A Three-Piece Set
  49. The Tercet Verses: three rhyming lines of poetry
  50. A Triplet of Aces
  51. The Triad Guild
  52. Three in a Row
  53. In a Triangle
  54. The Three Pips: a board game
  55. Counting to Three
  56. Three Wishes
  57. Striking Out
  58. Now We’re Three
  59. Three-Piece Suit
  60. Three in Harmony
  61. Beginning, Middle, & End
  62. The Third Rock
  63. The Three Bears

How to Create a Good Group Name for Three People

Create an awesome, unique group name for three people using the following tips:

  • Get inspiration from a variety of places. Our list includes famous groups of three, synonyms of words that mean three, and common phrases with references to three. You can get inspiration from these sources, too! Look up things like TV and movie character groups, things that come in threes, and bands with three members to generate ideas.
  • Come up with a word that collectively describes your group. If you have a favorite activity, place, hobby, or food, try a version of it as a group name. Add “three” to it, and you have a silly but fun group name — like “The Three Burritos.” You can also consider the demographics of your group. For example, if the group includes three girls, you might want to choose a name focused on empowerment or feminine traits.
  • Use humor and puns liberally. A name that makes your group laugh is the best type of name. This is particularly true for best friend groups; a funny name inspired by your shared sense of humor will remind you of your fondness for each other and why you enjoy one another’s company so much.
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