57 Couples Team Names

Group names for couples can be comedic or descriptive and should project the same vibe that you give off as a pair — whether that’s goofy and fun or hopelessly romantic. Browse our list for more than 50 options, or use our tips after the list to create your own couples team name.

  1. Two of a Kind
  2. Dynamic Duo
  3. Perfect Pair
  4. Butter & Bread
  5. Guac ‘n’ Chips
  6. John & Yoko
  7. Two for One
  8. Sweet & Sour
  9. MFEO: Made for Each Other
  10. Ketchup & Mustard
  11. Adam & Eve
  12. Jack & Jill
  13. Brewtiful Couple: for beer lovers
  14. His & Hers
  15. S’mores & Campfires
  16. The Lovebirds
  17. My Plus One
  18. Side by Side
  19. We Go Together
  20. Yin & Yang
  21. Scones & Jam
  22. Strawberries & Cream
  23. Dragonflies & Ladybugs
  24. Still the Ones
  25. Bonnie & Clyde
  26. Jackie O & JFK
  27. Antony & Cleopatra
  28. Romeo & Juliet
  29. Napoleon & Josephine
  30. Scarlett & Rhett
  31. Opposites Attract
  32. Pair of Miracles
  33. Meant to Be
  34. Star-Crossed
  35. Beauty and the Beast
  36. Wine & Cheese
  37. Sharing the Umbrella
  38. Pizza and Beer
  39. This Is Us
  40. Happily Ever After
  41. Like a Fairytale
  42. The Lobsters: FriendsĀ reference
  43. Not on a Break!: FriendsĀ reference
  44. Jack & Sally: Nightmare Before Christmas
  45. Pickles & Ice Cream
  46. Beer & Fried Chicken
  47. Chocolate & Caramel
  48. Pizza With Pineapple
  49. Cheerios & Bananas
  50. Morticia & Gomez Addams: The Addams Family reference
  51. Fred & Daphne: Scooby-Doo reference
  52. Lily & Herman Munster: The Munsters reference
  53. Cocoa & Marshmallows
  54. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  55. Converse & Tube Socks
  56. Copy & Paste
  57. Odds & Ends

How to Create a Great Couples Team Name

If you haven’t found a couples team name on our list that suits you, you may want to check out our previous list of duo team names. You can also keep the following tips in mind when creating your own name:

  • Describe each other. Make a list of words that you’d use to describe your partner, then trade lists, and choose your favorites. Your team name can be several words combined or a short descriptive phrase.
  • Think of your favorite duos. Consider naming your team after your favorite movie, cartoon, food-related, or real-life pairing. Iconic couples like Ross and Rachel on Friends or everyday things that pair well (like our list’s Cocoa & Marshmallows) can make for cute and fun team names.
  • Use favorite songs or books. Book titles and song lyrics are great places to search for words or phrases that may make a great team name. Do you have a song that you consider “your song” as a couple or a particular lyric that really speaks to your relationship? Use it to create a unique and personal team name.
  • Ask your friends to describe you as a couple. If you’re the type that has trouble describing yourself or your relationship, an outside perspective from friends or family may provide just the name or phrase you have been seeking.
  • Combine your names. Remember “Bennifer,” “Brangelina,” and other celebrity franken-names? Try combining your first name with that of your significant other for a corny but funny option.