97 Facebook Group Name Ideas

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Facebook groups take many forms. You can use them to meet new people in your community, connect with people who share similar interests, and more.

With nearly three billion active monthly users[1] there’s no shortage of existing groups on Facebook, but there are always more topics to explore and communities to build!

Groups with strong engagement and active members can help businesses build relationships with customers, foster in-depth discussions and learning, and build powerful social bonds.[2][3]

One of the greatest benefits of Facebook groups is that they allow you the flexibility to choose how public or private to make the group.[2][3]

Below, we list more than 90 group name ideas (including some Hindi and Spanish names). Scroll past the list to see our tips for creating your own Facebook group name!


  1. No Promises, We Offer Nothing
  2. Zombie Apocalypse Survivors
  3. We Walk Under Ladders
  4. Questioning the Geek Squad
  5. How to Fail Your Exam
  6. Don’t Cut Your Own Bangs Support Group
  7. Multiple Choice Exam? Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
  8. How Many World Records Can We Break?
  9. We Just Love to Talk!
  10. It’s Too Late! We Cut Our Own Bangs!
  11. Do You Remember Rotary Phones?
  12. Yes, We Silently Judge Your Grammar
  13. No Grievance Too Petty!
  14. The Chain Letter Trashers Club
  15. Profanity Is Just Meaningless Words
  16. Your Random Thoughts Here
  17. The Socks With Sandals Zone
  18. We Don’t Like Bugs!
  19. You Had Me at the Proper Use of You’re
  20. The Facebook Police
  21. It’s All About Me!
  22. You Made Me Throw Up a Little
  23. We Just Realized We Don’t Care
  24. Purple Unicorns United
  25. Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah!
  26. It’s Funny How You Think We Are Listening
  27. Psycho, but Cute
  28. We Burned Dinner Again
  29. Can’t Function Without Coffee
  30. Oh, How We Love Our Crocs!
  31. Yoga Pants Forever
  32. The Spam Calls & Texts Blockers Club


  1. We Know a Good Thing
  2. Bar to Bar Drifters
  3. Around the Kitchen Table
  4. Our Daily Journals
  5. The 1990s Remembered
  6. The Best of the Best Crew
  7. On Facebook From Sunrise to Sundown
  8. Driving Is What We Love the Most
  9. A Sweet Spot for the Rain
  10. We Love the Smell of Books
  11. The Technology-Free Life
  12. Always Sustainable & Recyclable
  13. In the Mindful Zone
  14. The Avocado Toast Brigade
  15. Music Is Life
  16. Pets Are People Too!
  17. The Sustainability Squad
  18. We Never Ask for Directions
  19. The Odds Are in Our Favor
  20. Binge With Our Besties
  21. Manis and Pedis United
  22. Disenchanted Voters Club
  23. We Believe in Magic
  24. Accentuating the Positive
  25. Cheese and Chocolate: The Two Major Food Groups
  26. French By Proxy
  27. We Prefer Tea
  28. The Coffee Clutch Network


  1. Facetime All the Time
  2. We Have Your Back
  3. Facebook Secret Keepers
  4. An Anime Friendship
  5. Friends Are Friends Forever
  6. Great Minds Think Alike
  7. Always Ready to Scheme
  8. Brothers From Another Mother
  9. Separated at Birth
  10. Allies in the Struggle
  11. Just Being Ourselves
  12. The Cool Moms Collective
  13. Bachelor Nation Network
  14. Fighting the Good Fight
  15. World’s Best Dads
  16. Like Wine, We Get Better With Age
  17. Just Friends, Not Judgement
  18. What! You, Too? I Thought I Was the Only One
  19. Silence Is Golden
  20. My Co-Worker Is My BFF
  21. Sisters Before Misters
  22. The She-Shed Squad
  23. Hiding in the Man Cave


  1. Bollywood Par Hollywood: Bollywood Over Hollywood
  2. Pop Sangeet Mrit Yaa Sanpann Hai: Is Pop Music Over or Thriving?
  3. Yutube Webb Shrrinkhala Set: The YouTube Web Series Set
  4. Satyajit Ray Kay Bangali Film Prashansak: Satyajit Ray’s Bengali Film Fans
  5. Jeevan Kay Liye Fandom: Fandom for Life
  6. Sakaratmak Oorja Ko Adhikatam Karna: Maximizing the Positive Energy
  7. Vividhata Mein Ekata: Unity in Diversity


  1. Los Gitanos Flamencos: The Flamenco Gypsies
  2. Brigada de Toreros: Bullfighters Brigade
  3. Hola! ¡Todos los Amigos Son Bienvenidos Aquí!: Hola! All Friends Welcome Here!
  4. Freestyle Fiesta Force
  5. La Matriz de Mariachi: The Mariachi Matrix
  6. Maracas Rhythm League
  7. El Equipo de Siesta: The Siesta Squad

How to Create a Great Facebook Group Name

Since Facebook groups typically form around specific interests, the best name for your group will largely depend on the group’s purpose.

Our list mostly highlights options for general interest Facebook groups, such as groups for moms and people who like books; your name can be as specific and exclusive as you’d like, depending on who you intend to invite or attract.

To help guide the creation of your team name, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my group about? The best name for your group will directly reflect the group’s purpose. You probably wouldn’t name a gardening group “Veggie Lovers,” for example. While vegetables grow in gardens, this name implies people who enjoy eating vegetables rather than growing them and might seem exclusionary to potential members who grow flowers instead.
  • Who will join my group? Is your group intended for young people or adults? Is it intended for people of a particular gender? Be sure your name is appropriate for whoever you hope will join the group.
  • Is the group inclusive or exclusive? You can make your group private if you want it to be truly exclusive, but your name can also reflect a certain level of inclusivity or exclusivity. While the previous tip notes that your name should be appropriate for your target audience, you might also explicitly refer to those demographics (teens, moms, dads, college students, etc.) in your group name so that people immediately understand whether or not they should join.

You should also be sure that your group name meets Facebook’s community guidelines and policies. Your group name should not:

  • Impersonate a brand, person, or group
  • Promote gambling
  • Be deceptive or scammy with regard to business, money, or medical treatments
  • Violate laws
  • Use profanity