63 Clash Royale Clan Names

Clash Royale is a strategic game that combines card collecting, tower defense, and clan-based battles.[1] The game hasn’t been around as long as some, launching in 2016,[2] but it has nearly one million active players each day![3]

Clash Royale is similar to Clash of Clans, using the same universe and characters. Both games involve barbarians, giants, goblins, and wizards. However, Clash Royale is a unique game with its own style, which demands its own unique clan names!

If you and your clan become skilled enough, you might even have a chance at victory in the Clash Royale Crown Championship — an open, global competition with over $1,000,000 in prizes![4]

Below, we feature more than 60 Clash Royale clan names, plus tips to help you create your own ideas.

  1. Nonchalant
  2. Sovereign
  3. Prominence
  4. Critical
  5. Ordained
  6. Enthroned
  7. Summit
  8. Influence
  9. Spellcasters
  10. Sabotage
  11. Levelers
  12. Goblin Guild
  13. Raze
  14. Shatter
  15. Laidback
  16. Gladiators
  17. Flaws
  18. Rogue Rockets
  19. Monarchs
  20. Butchers
  21. Clobber
  22. Zappers
  23. Ravagers
  24. Combatants
  25. Atomic
  26. Sorcerous
  27. Crownz
  28. Mystic
  29. Cannon Crew
  30. Dueling Victors
  31. Musketeers
  32. Executioners
  33. Axe Alliance
  34. Hammer Hooligans
  35. Ice Inferno
  36. Hog Riders
  37. Sparklers
  38. Arch Time
  39. Crypt Keepers
  40. Symbol Of Chaos
  41. Unlocked
  42. Mega Magic
  43. Inferno Squad
  44. Firestorm
  45. StormForce
  46. Regal Ranks
  47. Archaic
  48. Sovereign Ones
  49. Monarch Matrix
  50. The Rulers
  51. Electro Elite
  52. Ignited
  53. Archers Inc.
  54. Distorted
  55. Tournament Terrors
  56. Crown Collective
  57. Royale Legends
  58. Gravestone
  59. Dragon Desperados
  60. Spear Society
  61. Lightning Nation
  62. Rocket Rebels
  63. Battle Scars

How to Create a Good Clash Royale Clan Name

Create a cool Clash Royale clan name using the following tips:

  • Consider the specifics of the game. You can take an in-game weapon, location, or even character name and modify it to create your own unique clan name. Add an unusual or descriptive word to a word from the game or combine several words to create a new word.
  • Start with your name. One easy option is to name your Clash Royale clan after yourself! Use your first or last name, and add a word that describes your clan, like “Victors” or “Raiders.” You can use words related to the game or choose a completely random description to identify your clan.
  • Get inspiration from other clan names. You can even get inspiration from Clash of Clans clan names since the world overlaps between the games. Create a name similar to another clan or choose the complete opposite to set your clan apart. Considering other clan names will ensure that you don’t choose a name already in use. Keep in mind that your clan name should not be offensive or inappropriate, and use the opportunity to showcase your creativity!